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At Persistence Market Research we strive to create research studies that act as a tool to drive your business strategy and deliver growth. We are a balanced pack of researchers, we have an old school approach to market research, while using the modern research tools to help us consistently create the most comprehensive research studies and solutions to suit the business needs of our client partners. Our clients include leading global and top multinational corporations, big 4 consulting firms, investment funds, consultants and investment bankers, business leaders, governments departments, universities, and startups.

Our decade-long association with participants across the value chain ensures we have access to hard-to-find information. In a data-first world, finding data is only half the job done, Deriving relevant insights on what it means for your business is key. Early movers have a strategic advantage as they identify the opportunities quickly. Our real-time market intelligence keeps you ahead.

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“Persistence Market Research has helped us immensely in compiling a sound database. Our expectations were exceeded by Persistence Market Research.”
“The market numbers supplied by Persistence Market Research helped us successfully conclude our ongoing project and we are pleased with this purchase.”
“The customer service provided by Persistence Market Research was great. We got our report well in time and customized to our requirements.”
“Thank you for supplying the report in time for our project to go through. Commendable customer service.”
“The precise information given in Persistence Market Research’s reports has been priceless to us. We are very happy with this purchase, since the analysis in the report has been important in formulating our strategies.”
“The way Persistence Market Research handled the entire transaction, right from customization to after-sales queries, has been very impressive.”

Comprehensive Repository of Industry Market Research Reports

Aviation Fuel Additives Market

Aviation Fuel Additives Market Size, Share and Growth Forecast by Fuel Type, by Additive Type, by Application, and by Region for 2024-2031

US Solar PV Market

US Solar PV Market Size, Share and Growth Forecast by Type (Solar Photovoltaic, Concentrated Solar Power), by Application (Residential, Commercial, Utility), and by Region for 2024-2034

Plasmid DNA Manufacturing Market

Plasmid DNA Manufacturing Market Size, Share and Growth Forecast by Grade (R&D Grade, GMP Grade), by Development Phase (Pre-Clinical Therapeutics, Clinical Therapeutics, Marketed Therapeutics), by Application (DNA Vaccines, Cell & Gene Therapy, Immunotherapy, Others), by Disease (Infectious Disease, Cancer, Genetic Disorder, Others), and by Region for 2024-2031

Assisted Reproductive Technology Market

Assisted Reproductive Technology Market Size, Share and Growth Forecast by Technique (IVF, Artificial Insemination), by Procedure (Fresh Donor, Fresh Non-Donor, Frozen Donor, Frozen Non-Donor), by End Use (Fertility Clinics, Hospitals), and by Region for 2024 to 2031

Digital Workplace Market

Digital Workplace Market Size, Share and Growth Forecast by Component Outlook (Services, Solutions), by Organization Size (SMEs, Large Enterprise), by End User (Manufacturing, Government, BFSI, Healthcare, Retail, IT and Telecom, Media & Entertainment), and by Region for 2024-2031

Elastomeric Coating Market

Elastomeric Coating Market Size, Share and Growth Forecast by Type (Acrylic, Silicone, Polyurea, Polyurethane, Epoxy, Others), by Technology (Water-borne, Solvent-borne), by Application (Building & Construction, Industrial, Auto & Transportation, Others), and by Region for 2024-2031

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  • Budgeting, Planning & Evaluation
  • Expansion & Growth Planning
  • New Product / Service
  • Acquisitions, Mergers & Selling
  • Vendor & Partner Strategy
  • Material Sourcing Strategy
  • Consulting & Technology
  • Strategic Decision & Transactions
  • Strategic Deal Negotiations
  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Business Valuation
  • Supply Chain Strategy
  • Competitor & Market Intelligence
  • New Venture Fund Rasing

If it’s market research, we’ve got you covered!

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