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The following is a compilation of resources made available by the Persistence Market Research Press Team for journalists.


What’s in Store @Persistence Market Research?

Persistence Market Research could be looked upon a SPOI (Single Point of Information) with regards to a broad range of industries. You just name the industry vertical, and Persistence Market Research has it for you from start to finish. We are there to apprise you with exact figures as well as analysis to be added to your storyboard. Our analysts could also be available to give you the bird eye-view of the market asked for.

What does Persistence Market Research provide as a foundation towards the market asked for?

Reports from Persistence Market Research do enclose historical data of market asked for. If you want us to walk you through the same, please write to us at [email protected].

Could Persistence Market Research analysts provide snippets to a particular report?

Yes, Persistence Market Research analysts do provide snippets in the form of microblogs, editorials. Please write to us at [email protected]

How could Persistence Market Research analysts be made available for interview?

You could refer to the “Press Contacts” section and write to us at [email protected]. Persistence Market Research is all for cordial relationships with journalists.

How about Persistence Market Research providing data for public viewing?

Persistence Market Research does provide data for public viewing, but it is restricted to the gist of that market report, which is inclusive of executive summary, analyst briefing, press release, and report description. Providing entire research data is not feasible in the monetary as well as intellectual interests. As you all know, several days (at times, even weeks) are spent by our analysts in bringing the relevant and precise data on the table. This investment needs to be safeguarded, as our analysts are our intellectual property.


Everything published by Persistence Market Research – right from the one corresponding to research to the one related to data is subject to copyright. It’s mandatory for the authorities concerned to attribute quotations taken from Persistence Market Research’s reports to Persistence Market Research. You could procure quotation from Persistence Market Research by writing to us at [email protected] Not only that, any of the press releases that refer to Persistence Market Research need electronic/written approval from an authorized spokesperson from Persistence Market Research.

Logo Design Description

The logo of Persistence Market Research is a representation of the company and must, whenever used, without modifications.

The Persistence Market Research logo consists of the name of the company written in capital letters, with a solitary red ‘I’ in lower case. The word ‘PERSISTENCE’ dominates the logo, with ‘MARKET RESEARCH’ written below. Black arcs towards the right and blue arcs towards the left comprise an apparent ellipse around the words.

The ellipse represents the comprehensive research our analysts perform while compiling any report. The dominance of the word ‘PERSISTENCE’ represents the in-depth research that our analysts perform. The conspicuous ‘I’ represents the insightful nature of our market analysis.