Global Sports Supplements Market to be Propelled by Rising Health Awareness

Published On : Sep 18, 2014

The two main factors that drive the global sports supplements market are changing consumer groups and greater health awareness. The other term for sports supplements is ergogenic aids which are used by that segment of consumers who are engaged in athletics or are athletics themselves. Sports supplements enhance athletic performance and performance in sports. Most consumers consider sports supplements as dietary supplements. Generally, sports supplements are sold over the counter and these do not need prior medical prescription. 

The proliferation of fitness and healthcare centers also help in promoting the importance and benefits of consuming sports supplements. In fact these health clubs and health centers act as the distribution centers for sports supplements for all consumer segments from recreational users to athletes and bodybuilders. These days, manufacturers of sports supplements are targeting health clubs for promoting their sports supplements products. The global sports supplements market is fueled by rising awareness amongst the masses about health and fitness. High expenditure on health and healthcare items is a result of rising disposable incomes in the hands of the consumers worldwide. 

Global Sports Supplements Market - The Types of Sport Supplements and Trends in Consumption 

The global sports supplements market is segmented on the basis of the type of sports supplements which include fat burners, androstenedione, and creatine. Fat burners act as weight reducing agents by revving up metabolism of the human body. Androstenedione refers to natural steroids that can be further broken down into testosterone. Creatine is the most effective when it comes to increasing a person’s capacity to undertake highly intense exercises. It is ideal for athletes who have to perform high-intensity exercises like power lifting and sprinting. 

Weight enhancers, performance enhancers, meal substitutes, energy formulae, muscle builders, and fat burners are all included within the ambit of sports supplements. Till some years back, the prime consumer segment functioning in the global sports supplements were athletes and body builders. However, this trend has witnessed a change recently wherein there is high demand for sports supplements from lifestyle and recreational users. 

Global Outlook of the Sports Supplements Market

Geographically, the global sports supplements market is led by North America. This region is then followed by the Asia Pacific and Europe. In fact, the global sports supplements market is mainly dominated by the developed economies like the US and Europe. This market is experiencing a significant change in terms of the purchase pattern of the developing economies like China and India. 

The Asia Pacific economies are expected to exhibit better growth prospects in the forthcoming years due to factors like greater expenditure on healthy food products and rise in domestic consumption of such items. As a result, the chances of enhanced growth in the developing countries may act as a major threat to the monopoly position of the developed world in the global sports supplements market.

Some of the prominent sports organizations like the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the National Football League (NFL), and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) have strictly prohibited the consumption of sports supplements like ephedra, steroids, and androstenedione by their athletes and sportspersons. Strict actions are taken if the athletes are found guilty of consuming these aforementioned items. US based National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) has strictly recommended that students interested in sports must consult their physicians prior to taking any sports supplements. 

The prominent players operating in the global sports supplements market include Clif Bar & Company, Maxinutrition, GNC Holdings, Universal Nutrition, Glanbia, the Coca-Cola Company, and PepsiCo.

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