Global Dental Implants Market Outlook

Published On : Sep 02, 2014

Overview of Global Dental Implants Market

The global dental implants market is witnessing a significant growth in the present economy. The growth of dental implant market is attributable to the increasing awareness of implant techniques among both, dentists and patients. As there is a rising demand and need for oral aesthetics, many dentists are subscribing to dental implant surgeries. Other factors making a positive impact on this market are cost efficiency of dental implants, technological improvements, and better brand recognition. The dental implants market covers an array of devices such as dental biometrics, dental supplies, digital dental x-ray systems, dental chairs, and dental lasers. It provides patients with durable dental corrections, which are strong and sustainable over many years. This is the obvious factor for growth of the market. Increasing disposable incomes, growing concerns about oral hygiene, and more and more dentists adopting dental implant techniques are few more market drivers. However, limited reimbursement and economic meltdown are some of restraints this market is facing.

The report published by Persistence Market Research, studies each facet of this market in absolute detail. It covers the factors driving the market as well as those inhibiting it. The market research report also provides solutions to overcome these negatively impacting factors. The report has been written by industry experts, who with their thorough knowledge have compiled it with relevant graphs, charts, and industry analysis. The report is inclusive of SWOT analysis and Porter’s five forces analysis.

Market Segmentation of Global Dental Implants Market

To facilitate better understanding of the report, it has been segmented on the basis of procedure, material, and geography. On the basis of geography, the report studies the restrains, drivers, opportunities, and key players in regions of North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Rest of the World. Every segment has been explained with tables, charts, and competitive analysis to the readers. It also explains the market dynamics and trends from industry’s point of view.

What Lies Ahead for Dental Implants Market

In the global dental implants market Europe is the biggest market share holder, followed North America and Asia. Increasing awareness of dental implants amongst patients and rising number of patients opting for advanced dentistry are the two main drivers for growth of this market in Europe and North America. American Academy of Implant Dentistry stated, about 30 million Americans have missing teeth in at least one of their jaws or both. The report also states that about 3 million people in America have dental implants, and this number is only expected to rise by 500,000 every year. In terms of material titanium dental implants hold the biggest market share in the entire dental implant market. However, markets in Europe and North America are also likely to be affected by economic slowdown and the expensive nature of these surgeries.

Asian market is expected to grow at a faster rate in comparison to other dental implant markets across the globe. As the demand for prosthetics and dental implants is picking up in South Korea and Japan, Asia will contribute greatly to this market in the coming years. Analysts are estimating massive growth potential in the Indian and Chinese markets. This growth is mainly due to rising disposable incomes in these regions, developing economies, and focus by major players on these nations. 

The report sketches the perfect competitive landscape of this global dental implants market with company profiling of leading key players. The players profiled in this report are, Nobel Biocare Holdings AG, Straumann, Zimmer Dental, Biomet 3i, DENTSPLY International and others.

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