Cleanroom Technology Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2020

Published On : Jan 27, 2015

The global cleanroom technology market serves a variety of industries through a diverse set of applications. Design and management of cleanrooms goes back to more than 100 years. These are rooms built in such a manner that they minimize the introduction, retention, and generation of airborne particles and where the concentration of particles as well as parameters such as humidity, pressure, temperature, lighting, etc. are controlled. 

Although the ideas ruling cleanroom technologies are rooted in the control of hospital-borne infections, the need for extremely clean manufacturing environment for a number of critical industries and products (nuclear reactors, semiconductor chips, etc.) is a growing requirement of the modern society. 

There are several uses of cleanroom technologies these days, and the overall global market for the wide range of specialized equipment, services, consumables, construction materials, etc., used for constructing and managing cleanrooms is worth more than US$2.5 billion.

It’s not the passion for cleanliness but its need that’s driving demand for cleanrooms. 

A diverse range of products unavoidably rely on the cleanroom technology market. There are industries where dust particles or a variety of airborne particles are a huge issue. The presence of these particles, even on the scale of micrometers, may prevent the proper functioning of a product, or reduce its life. Thus, the manufacturing of a selection of products in the electronics, micromechanics, semiconductor, optics, biotechnology, pharmacy, foods and beverages, medical devices and pharmaceutical industry demands the presence of cleanrooms.

Cleanrooms have many takers, quite not surprisingly! 

A micrometer-sized dust particle on a semiconductor processor can result in an electrical short circuit and ruin the entire product. Thus a cleanroom is critically important in a semiconductor fabrication installation. Apart from the obvious need in the semiconductor industry, however, there are many other viable takers of cleanroom technology. 

The healthcare industry, for instance, is a major user of cleanrooms. The presence of micro-organisms and their growth in a patient’s body or a hospital product may lead to severe infection, especially in cases of critical burns or difficult-to-heal wounds. Thus, critical and intensive care units and operating rooms in hospitals use cleanroom technology to minimize infections and expedite the process of healing.

Many other industries which require operations to be held in areas with very high standards of cleanliness, such as electronics, micromechanics, optics, biotechnology, and pharmacy need cleanrooms for the manufacturing of products such as TV-tubes, gyroscopes, lenses, laser equipments, antibiotics, vaccines, sterile pharmaceuticals, etc. Many innovative products and their operating environments will be added to the list every coming day, making it clear that there is a considerable demand for cleanrooms and enabling technologies.

The developed world leads the market, but the developing world presents emerging opportunities.

The developed world, comprising of North America and Europe, is a crucial hub for the world’s major semiconductor, pharmacy, and biotech companies. Consequently, these regions are the leading users of cleanroom technologies. The stringent guidelines for safety and cleanliness of manufacturing environment in developed countries make installation of cleanrooms a necessity in these regions. But, it is also the high costs associated with the installation and management of cleanrooms that make developed and affluent countries their major takers.

However, a large percentage of manufacturing processes from almost every major industry are being outsourced to developing countries in the Asia-Pacific and Latin America. A rising number of biotech and pharmaceutical production facilities in these regions will provide a significant drive to the global cleanroom technology market. Countries like India and China, rapidly translating from the world’s largest consumers of all worldly things to the world’s largest manufacturers, will assume the position of the leading installers of cleanrooms in the near future. 

The highly fragmented global marketplace of cleanroom technologies features a large number of small, medium, and large companies. Some of the leading businesses in the market include Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Azbil Corporation, Ardmac, Ltd., Taikisha Ltd., etc.

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