Organic Lamb Market

Global Market Study on Organic Lamb: Increasing Demand for Protein Rich and Healthy Food Driving Market Growth

Organic Lamb Market Segmented By Raw Lamb, Processed Lamb Product in Household, Food Industry, Foodservice

Market Overview

There have been rapid changes in lifestyles of consumers along with rise in working population that has shown a keen inclination toward convenience food products. Hence, manufacturers in the organic lamb market space are increasingly offering ready-to-cook organic lamb products to attract more customers. Several key players involved in the production of organic lamb are providing specialized cuts of lambs, such as leg cut, breast, dried lamb, ground lamb, and others, in an attempt to diversify their product portfolio.

Manufacturers are also offering meals, including organic lamb, for health conscious consumers that demand organic food. Products are been sold through e-Commerce and delivered directly to end users, thus catering to the convenience factor as well. Increased push from manufacturers for offering health benefits along with convenience is expected to bolster the expansion of the organic lamb market size over the coming years.

  • For instance, Eversfield Organic Limited produces and sells organic lamb, and offers specialized cuts directly to consumers through its e-Commerce website.

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  • Arcadian Organic & Natural Meat CO Pty LtdOverview
  • Neat Meat
  • Windy N Ranch
  • Irish Country Meats Ltd
  • Mangapiri Downs Organicstud Farm
  • Thomas Foods International
  • Marjamaa Lihatoostus Ou
  • Thomas Foods International
  • Manildra Meat Company
  • Saltbush Livestock Pty Ltd
  • Coombe Farm
  • Pick’s Organic Farm
  • Colin & Sally's Organic Lamb & Beef
  • Swillington Organic Farm Ltd
  • Coolanowle Organic Meat
  • Mallow Farm & Cottage
  • Good Earth Farms, LLC
  • Shepherd's Lamb
  • Langley Chase Organic Farm
  • Pitney Farm Shop
  • Stream Farm

Organic Lamb Market Trends

Increased Demand for Organic Products from Hospitality Sector to Drive Sales: Easy marketing of organic food is one of the reasons that has enabled restaurants to increasingly adopt the organic trend. Customers are attracted toward farm-fresh food that offers health benefits along with being free from pesticides. Organic food is also considered to be more appetizing than conventional food, thus driving restaurants to increasingly incorporate organic food in their menus.

Awareness for incorporating healthy lifestyles with clean eating has increased, which, in turn, has had a positive impact on the market for organic food.  Thus, restaurants and fast-food chains have started offering products made from organic food to attract more customers and increase sales. These factors are expected to drive the growth of the organic lamb market.

  • Elevation Franchise Ventures, LLC, which operates a chain of restaurants in the U.S. and GCC countries, offers organic lamb burgers under its restaurant franchise - levation Burger/

Rise in Customer Demand for Transparency & Traceability: Consumers are keen on knowing how their food is produced, where it comes from, and its quality. With the help of technology, consumers are tracing the journey of their food, from the source till consumption, for ensuring safety. The spotlight on food safety issues in the past has created a heightened awareness of potential risks behind what customers are consuming, and is driving demand for transparency and traceability.

With contamination of meat products being a very common issue, there has been increased customer demand for transparency for organic lamb. After regulations and labeling, it is difficult to track whether the livestock is actually grown with the recommended norms; hence, demand for traceability by conscious consumers is also increasing, which bodes well for the organic lamb market space.

Rising Customer Preference for Premium Organic Food Products: With increasing awareness of the harmful effects of chemicals in food caused to human health, there has been a push toward the trend of organic food. Farmers are being heralded back to age-old farming practices. Organic food is free from harmful pesticides, fertilizers, and chemicals, thus serving customers with all natural products and added benefits.

Increasing concerns for the environment is also a factor contributing toward rising preference for premium organic products. Consumers today consider health to be of paramount importance, and are shelling out more money on organic food products, which has a positive effect on the organic lamb market. Hence, an opportunity for increased sales exists for market players. Increasing awareness among customers regarding the benefits of organic lamb marks an opportunity for new players to enter the organic lamb market as well.

According to USDA, organic food is found in more than 80 percent of American households, and this is expected to further increase. North Dakota, Rhode Island, Wyoming, Wisconsin, and South Dakota are the five states that account for the highest increase in organic purchasing in the U.S.

organic lamb market

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Regional Outlook of Organic Lamb Market

European countries are increasingly moving toward organic food consumption, and consumers are also generating the quest for organic meat products. Lamb is one of the highly consumed meat products across Europe, with countries such as the U.K., Ireland, and Germany leading in this aspect. North America also has a significant organic lamb market share as far as value is concerned. This is attributable to growing consumption of organic meat products in the region.

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COVID-19 Impact on Organic Lamb Market

The COVID-19 virus outbreak is projected to have a moderate to high impact on the organic lamb market. Organic lamb is mostly consumed at foodservice restaurants. COVID-19 has brought about a slowdown in the foodservice industry, which has subsequently impacted the growth of the organic lamb market. Additionally, due to the suspension of trade activities and manufacturing processes, the supply chain and distribution network for organic lamb has been affected. However, as lockdown restrictions are being eased across several countries, most industries are picking up pace. Thus, the organic lamb market is projected to witness a substantial growth rate in the post COVID era.

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Analysts’ Viewpoint

The global organic lamb market is anticipated to exhibit significant growth, with Europe and East Asia expected to offer beneficial growth opportunities during the forecast period of 2020-2030. High consumer inclination toward organic food products is supporting the growth of the global organic lamb.

Leading market players such as Arcadian Organic & Natural Meat CO Pty Ltd., Stream Farm, Windy N Ranch, LLC, and others are focusing on business expansion and increasing geographical presence to strengthen their positions in the global organic lamb market. Increasing production capacity and improvement in quality are other strategies being adopted by key players to gain a competitive edge in the global organic lamb market landscape.

Key Segments of Global Organic lamb Market

PMR’s report on the global organic lamb market offers information divided into four segments - product, end use, distribution channel, and region.


  • Raw Lamb
  • Processed Lamb

End Use

  • Household
  • Food Industry
  • Foodservice

Distribution Channel

  • Business to Business
  • Business to Consumer
    • Hypermarkets/Supermarkets
    • Convenience Stores
    • Specialty Stores
    • Online Retailers


  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • South Asia
  • East Asia

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