Air Purifiers Witness High Demand during COVID-19 Crisis; Growing Awareness Regarding Air Purification to Drive Growth, Says PMR

Date : Apr 13, 2020 Author : PMR Editorial Staff Category : Consumer Goods

The Effects of COVIV-19 can be felt across human lives as well as the global economy.

The Effects of COVIV-19 can be felt across human lives as well as the global economy. World Health Organization is continuously monitoring different aspects associated with the COVID-19 outbreak and states that COVID-19 transmits through the respiratory droplets expelled by any COVID-19 affected patient. It also highlights that there are possibilities of airborne transmission of COVID-19 in specific circumstances such as the settings in treatments that generate aerosols.

Many countries and organizations such as the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend airborne precautions for different situations involving COVID-19 patients.

The chances of COVID-19 aerosols to stay in the air for a considerable amount of time is creating momentum in the market for equipment and devices associated with air purification. The state of emergency created by COVID-19 crisis has increased the awareness amongst people regarding different safety parameters such as the use of air quality systems. Retailers of these systems are eyeing the current times as an opportunity to market their products. Different statistics indicate towards scaling sale of air quality systems such as HEPA filters. The electronics retailer gain city, states that the current sale of air quality systems is ten times more as compared to the past year. 

Air Purifier Gains Demand

Air purifiers have upgraded from a luxury to a commodity of necessity in the current COVID-19 crisis situation. PMR projects a spike in the sale of air purifiers owing to the growing awareness regarding safety form air pollutants. The air purifier market gets impetus from advancements and the addition of different technologies of air purification such as HEPA air purifiers, photocatalytic purifiers, activated carbon purifiers and ionic filters. 

The current lockdown situation is positively influencing the market for smart air purifiers owing to their comfort of use and control. PMR anticipates the smart purifiers market to witness a rapid surge in demand from the highly aware millennial demographics. The ability to monitor and measure the air quality in homes makes smart purifiers a preferred choice. The growing prominence of online sales channels also contributes to the escalating sale of smart air purifiers.

Photocatalysts Purifiers Preferred In Households

Photocatalysts are effective air quality control mediums that can degrade such pollutants. The use of photocatalysts in air quality is gaining rapid traction in the market owing to their potential to degrade different pollutants at ambient temperature, humidity and pressure. The utilization of direct sunlight by photocatalysts acts as the demand driver for these purifiers in the market.

Demand for photocatalysts is projected to substantially increase in the current pandemic situation owing to its ease of use and effectiveness in providing protection against corona virus-containing aerosols. Moreover, marketing campaigns run by established air purifier companies promoting purifiers for indoor air quality is also substantially influencing the sale of photocatalytic purifiers.

High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter To Generate Higher Revenue

Following the outbreak of COVID-19 High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are expected to gain preference over other types of air purification technologies. HEPA filters trap particles of air pollutants in complex web fibers and purify the air. PMR expects the HEPA filters to witness a higher demand owing to their application in residential as well as industrial areas. Of all the types, gel seal type of HEAP filters accounts for major revenue in the market, especially from the high adoption rate in the pharmaceutical sector. 

Although the current lockdown situation restraints people from traveling to work, many industries are operational such as the drug manufacturing industry. Such organizations are expected to boost the demand and sale of HEPA filters in their factories and office spaces, creating growth prospects in the market.

Though the certainty of air purifiers in providing protection against corona virus is under consideration by the experts, PMR projects the market revenue to shoot up owing to the rapidly escalating sense of safety amongst the consumers. The current market stock of air purifiers is expected to satisfy the existing demand. However, major air purifier manufacturers are projected to scale their production to satiate the rapidly escalating demand for air purifiers.

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