Global Market Study on Dairy-derived Flavors Market - Growing Popularity for ‘Flavored’ Yogurt Offers Impetus

Dairy Derived Flavors  Market
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The producers of dairy-derived flavors are continuously modifying their product offerings as per the end-use application product range. Consumers are always on the lookout for new tastes and flavors in their products. Hence, manufacturers are continuously evolving by offering new and innovative flavored products for their consumers.

The dairy flavor market has seen exponential growth in the past few years. Manufacturers are investing in research and development for new product innovation. In recent years, dairy product manufacturers have started offering various flavors in yogurt to capitalize on the popularity of flavored yogurt. Moreover, they are introducing innovative café-inspired flavors in various dairy products including yogurts.

Coffee flavored yogurt has become a hit in North America. For instance, Alpina Café Selection’s Caramel Macchiato Nonfat Greek Yoghurt is one such unique flavored yogurt. It is made with real Colombian coffee, grade A milk, and other natural ingredients. Tea flavor has already been introduced in dairy-based frozen desserts. For instance, Matcha & Dark Chocolate Butter is one such tea flavored dairy product.

Consumer Demand for Natural Ingredients Setting New Norms in Dairy-derived Flavors

The purchasing pattern of consumers has forced manufacturers to use natural ingredients in products. Artificial ingredients reduce the cost of the product but cause serious health problems to the human body. With growing health awareness, consumers are demanding more and more products manufactured using only natural ingredients. This shift of consumers towards natural ingredients is propelling the demand for natural dairy-derived flavors.

Dairy-derived flavors are available in both, artificial dairy-derived and natural dairy-derived forms. The extraction of natural flavor is a very complex process but technological advancements in the flavor industry have made this procedure quite simple, which results in more production in less time. Thus, manufacturers are successfully catering to the increasing demand for natural dairy-derived flavors across the globe.

Increasing Flavor Needs for Drinkable Yogurt to Push Sales

Manufactures are coming up with new and innovative products to increase their market share across the world. Dairy product manufacturers are also developing new products, which can change the course of the dairy product industry. For instance, dairy-product manufacturers have introduced drinkable yogurt in the North American market, and it became the most popular dairy product in a very short period. Consumers are still unfamiliar with the product and to increase their interest in such innovative products, manufacturers need to come up with flavor-based solutions.

The drinkable yogurt category seems to have a lot going for it with fermentation, convenience, and functional properties, however, drinkable yogurt accounts for a very less percentage of total yogurt sales. Consumers rate drinkable yogurt as tasty, exciting, fun, and an indulgent treat, which packs in nutrients as well as taste. Brands that are providing drinkable yogurts are focusing more on functional benefits and end up lagging on flavor innovations. Flavor is always the key, but especially so in a category like this, where consumers still lack familiarity, so flavor innovation and consumer education are key factors. Thus, producers have a great opportunity in this new and emerging segment to develop new flavors of drinkable yogurt.

Perishability of Natural Dairy-derived Flavors Could Lead to Potential Losses

Natural flavors are perishable in natural and can get unstable during the extraction process. The extraction procedure of natural dairy-derived flavors is complex in nature. These are sensitive to chemicals, hence, even slight variation in pH or temperature can cause instability. Thus, high precision is required during the production of dairy-derived flavors. These flavors are volatile, and at high temperatures, there is a possibility of the taste getting lost. Thus, possible losses and complexity of the process are limiting the dairy-derived flavor market from reaching its full potential. The adaptation of new technology and the advance facilities by the manufacturers of diary-derived flavors will help the manufactures to simplify the process and avoid possible losses.

North America and Europe Secure Prominent Market Positions with High Share

Established markets such as North America and Europe, hold significant market share in the dairy-derived flavors market. In 2019, it is estimated that both regions together account for more than 50% of the market share across the globe. These regions consist of most number of flavor manufacturers across the globe. Most of the leading flavor manufacturers belong to these regions, for e.g. Givaudan, a Switzerland-based flavor and fragrance manufacturer that holds the top position in the flavor manufacturing industry.

North America and Europe also have a decent number of small and medium-scale local flavor manufacturers. North America is expected to grow at a CAGR ~4% and Europe is set to expand at slightly higher CAGR of ~4.5% over the forecasted period.

The Asian continent is divided as South Asia and East Asia, which are expected to register high growth in the dairy-derived flavors market over the forecasted period. Asian countries are considered as the best possible markets for the dairy-derived flavor market. South Asia is expected to grow at the highest CAGR ~8.0% and East Asia expected to grow at a CAGR of ~6.5% over the forecasted period.

The Analyst’s Viewpoint

A comprehensive view of the global dairy-derived flavors market has led our analysts to conclude that the market is growing at a stable rate, with North America and Europe holding a large chunk of the global consumption of dairy-derived flavors. The increasing usage of new and innovative products is spurring the demand for dairy-derived flavors. The impact of high demand for natural dairy-derived flavors will remain for a long period of time. Technological innovations and adaptation of new technologies by leading market players will give a thrust to the global dairy-derived flavors market.

Companies with research and development capabilities and expertise in the use of technology will gather momentum and profitability in the global dairy-derived flavors market. Leading market players who are adopting an acquisition strategy will continue to grow and have a vast market revenue share. However, complexities in the extraction and processing of dairy-derived flavors could restrain the growth of the global dairy-derived flavors market.

The latest market report by PMR on the global dairy-derived flavors market evaluates the opportunities and current market scenario and provides insights and updates about the corresponding segments involved in the global dairy-derived flavors market during the forecast period 2019-2029. The study provides a detailed assessment of the key market dynamics and detailed information about the global dairy-derived flavors market structure. The detailed market study provides exclusive information about how the global dairy-derived flavors market will grow during the forecasted period.

The primary objective of the global dairy-derived flavors market report is to provide insights into the opportunities in the market that are consistently supporting the transformation of global businesses that are associated with dairy-derived flavors. It is very important to consider that in an ever-wavering economy, we provide the estimated (Y-o-Y) year-on-year growth rate in addition to the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the overall forecast, to better understand the analysis and evaluation of the global dairy-derived flavors market, and to discover equitable opportunities.

The study on the global dairy-derived flavors market also provides an estimation of the global dairy-derived flavors market and corresponding revenue forecast carried out in terms of absolute dollar opportunity. It also offers actionable insights based on future trends in the global dairy-derived flavors market. Furthermore, new and emerging businesses in the global dairy-derived flavors market can make use of the information presented in the study to make wise business decisions, which will provide the momentum to the business as well as dairy-derived flavors market.

The study is relevant for all the manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and investors in the global dairy-derived flavors market. This will provide them the required boost to grow in the market. All the stakeholders in the global dairy-derived flavors market, investors, industry experts, researchers, journalists as well as business researchers can leverage the information and data represented in PMR’s study.

Key Segments of the Global Dairy-derived Flavors Market

PMR’s study on the global dairy-derived flavors market offers information divided into 4 important segments- flavor, form, nature, and region.






  • Cream
  • Milk


Natural Dairy-derived

North America


  • Yogurt
  • Butter
  • Cheese


Artificial Dairy-derived

Latin America



South Asia

East Asia


Middle East & Africa

Key Questions Answered in PMR’s Global Dairy-derived Flavors Market

  • Which region will have the highest market share in the global dairy-flavors market over the forecasted period?
  • Which region is experiencing the highest growth (CAGR)?
  • Which factors are impacting the global dairy-derived flavors market?
  • Which are the global trends in the dairy-derived flavors market that are impacting the market?
  • What strategies need to adopted by the emerging players in the global dairy-derived flavors market to capture the opportunities in various regions?
  • What is the market structure of the global dairy-derived flavors market?

Global Dairy-derived Flavors Market: Research Methodology

PMR is committed to providing unbiased market research solutions to its clients. PMR follows a robust methodology for deducing the data that is included in this report. The unique research methodology is utilized to conduct extensive research on global dairy-derived flavors market and reach conclusions on the future growth factors of global dairy-derived flavors market. The research methodology uses primary research methods coupled with the secondary research methods which ensure the accuracy and reliability of the conclusions.

A demand-side approach is followed to estimate the sales of target products, followed by an in-depth supply-side assessment of value generated, key trends, and events over a predefined period. This methodology is based on the use of standard market structures, methods, and definitions that are based on inputs from local sources in over seven regions, i.e. North America, Latin America, Europe, South Asia, East Asia, Oceania, and Middle East & Africa, which PMR considers for segmenting the global market. Statistics, characteristics, and variances are collected at a regional level, aggregated at the same level, and then synthesized at a worldwide level to create global market measurements. Our main sources of research include,

  • Primary Research
  • Secondary Research
  • Trade Research

Companies covered in Dairy Derived Flavors Market Report

Company Profile 

  • Givaudan SA
  • International Flavors & Fragrances, Inc.
  • Kerry Group
  • Archer Daniels Midland Company
  • Takasago International Corporation
  • CP Ingredients
  • Flaverco Ltd.
  • Edlong Corporation
  • Blends Limited
  • Dairy Chem Inc.
  • Gamay Food Ingredients
  • Advanced Biotech. Inc.
  • FONA International Inc
  • Bluegrass Dairy & Food, Inc.
  • Jeneil Biotech Inc.
  • Comax Flavors
  • Ungerer & Company Inc.,
  • Butter Buds Inc.
  • Flavorjen Group
  • Commercial Creamery Company


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