Demand for Hearing Protection Devices Fuelled by Flourishing Construction Sector and Rising Industrialization Boosting

Published On : Jan 06, 2016

It is well known that excessive noise can damage hearing. Exposure to excessive noise presents the risk of hearing loss. It also raises the hearing threshold of ears - the degree of loudness at which the ear senses sound. While the surest way of preventing the risk of deafness is reducing noise at the source by some engineering methods, but there are certain workplace conditions where very little or nothing can be done to reduce the noise generated at source to safe levels. In such workplaces, it is necessary that workers wear hearing protection devices market to reduce the amount of sound that reaches the ears.


Scientific studies state that if the sound level at a workplace exceeds 85 decibels, people should certainly wear some form of hearing protection device. Hearing protection devices help in protecting ear from damage caused by the exposure to high levels of noise. Hearing protection devices come in a variety of forms, designs, shapes, and include products such as hearing bands, earplugs, uniform attenuation earplugs, and earmuffs.


Hearing protection earplugs are the reusable and disposable devices that are inserted in ear canals. Earmuffs fit over the entire external ear, including the earlobe, and seal against the side of head with the help of a suitable pad or cushion. Uniform attenuation hearing protection devices incorporate acoustic filters to provide more natural sound perception. Hearing bands cover the external opening of the ear and are held in place by a suspension assembly or a head band.


Rising Industrialization Coupled with Rising Awareness about Hearing Protection Devices Driving Market


The demand for a variety of hearing protection devices has continued to rise in the past years. Many factors, such as the rising number of stringent regulations about employee safety at workplaces, high rate of employment in the construction industry, rising demand for hearing protection devices in the manufacturing sector, demand for next-generation hearing protection devices in the military sector, and rising industrialization across globe, have significantly contributed to the flourishing growth of the global hearing protection devices market in the past few years.


A market intelligence report published by Persistence Market Research states that the global market for hearing protection devices will expand at a 12.4% CAGR between 2015 and 2021. If the projection holds true, the market, which had a valuation of US$859.3 mn in 2014, will reach US$1,943.8 mn by 2021.


Rising Emphasis on Custom-designed Hearing Protection Devices Opens Significant Growth Avenues


Rapid industrialization, a flourishing construction, and many other manufacturing industries in developing regions present significant growth prospects for the global hearing protection devices market. However, factors such as lack of awareness and the lack of strict guidelines and regulations regarding employee safety at workplaces are limiting the overall adoption of hearing protection devices across developing regions.


Nevertheless, the market can significantly progress with the help of government interventions and efforts aimed at improving awareness about the necessity of hearing protection devices in several workplaces. The rising emphasis on custom-designed hearing protection devices is a key trend in the market and is expected to impact significantly on market’s overall development in the coming years. Technology shift and rising emphasis on ear plugs fitted with acoustic filters are other  key trends in the market.


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