Liquid Eggs Market to Reach US$ 5.5 Bn by 2030; Disruptions in Food Processing Activities Due to COVID-19 Spread Impeding Market Growth

Published On : Sep 02, 2020

Food safety has become a major concern for the food and beverage industry, with consumers now giving high preference to this factor while buying food products. This has led manufacturers to choose more relevant and beneficial food safety norms and methods to further gain consumer trust. Eggs have become a major part of the food safety debate. Eggs can carry salmonella bacteria, which is the leading cause of food poisoning. Even though cooking kills bacteria, the risk of cross contamination remains. Moreover, egg recipes such as eggnog, spaghetti carbonara, and caesar salad dressing are prepared with uncooked eggs. Liquid eggs are increasingly becoming favorable among consumers across regions. Pasteurization process kills dangerous microbial and enhances the safety of food. Since liquid eggs have become a safer egg product for consumers, demand is rising all the time, leading to steady growth of the liquid eggs market.

The global liquid eggs market has witnessed substantial growth over the past few years, and this trend is expected to continue through the course of the forecast period of 2020 to 2030, at a steady CAGR of 4.5% during the said period.

Key Takeaways from Liquid Eggs Market Study

  • By product type, the whole eggs segment will hold the highest market value share in the global liquid eggs market during forecast. This is attributable to the availability of proper nutritional composition in whole liquid egg products as compared to other products.
  • Owing to traditional and low cost production methods for eggs, the conventional source of eggs is witnessing prominent market value share in the global liquid eggs market.
  • Prepared food and snacks, a sub-segment of the food industry, is projected to exhibit higher value CAGR during the forecast period. The major contributing factor is increasing consumption of liquid eggs in preparing food such as sandwiches, crepes, and others.
  • By end use, the foodservice industry is projected to exhibit high market growth in the global liquid eggs market during the forecast period. Liquid eggs have also became a vital part of the HoReCa sector and institutional caterers, as they are safer and a convenient option to use.

“Manufactures in the liquid eggs market could gain broad profits by targeting foodservice providers along with food manufacturers, due to expected increase of liquid eggs use in snacks, bakery, convenience food, and other similar products. However, the growing impact of COVID-19 on various industries is expected to have a moderate impact on the liquid eggs market in the short term,” says a PMR analyst.

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Liquid Eggs Market: Competitive Landscape

The liquid eggs market is fragmented in nature. Key players operating in the global liquid eggs market are adapting their market strategies to benefit the most from prevailing market trends. Major players in the global liquid eggs market are adopting strategies such as enhancing their distribution network and spending more on production facility expansion. Manufacturers are also increasing their focus on offering free-range liquid egg products, along with improving the quality of their liquid egg offerings.

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Persistence Market Research, in its new report, offers an impartial analysis of the global liquid eggs market, presenting historical data (2015-2019) and estimation statistics for the forecast period of 2020-2030. The study offers compelling insights on the liquid eggs market based product type (egg white, egg yolk, whole egg, and egg blends), source (cage-free and conventional), end use (foodservice, household, industrial, food industry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics & personal care, dietary supplements, animal feed & pet food, and others), and distribution channel (business to business and business to consumer), across seven regions.

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Liquid Eggs Market

Global Market Study on Liquid Eggs: Rising Food Safety Concerns for Shell Eggs Complementing Market Growth

Liquid Eggs Market