Bone Broth Protein Market

Global Market Study on Bone Broth Protein: Demand Surging from Dietary Supplements Industry

Bone Broth Protein Market Segmented By Organic, Conventional Nature from Poultry, Beef, Turkey, Blend Source

Bone Broth Protein Market: About the Report

Bone broth protein is rich in collagen, which helps reduce inflammation and supports the gut lining. Rising concerns regarding health across the world is a major factor bolstering the expansion of the bone broth protein market size. Rising demand for organic products will catalyze demand for these proteins over the coming years.

PMR’s report also elaborates on how demand for bone broth protein is rising due to robust growth of the population consuming dietary supplements in developed as well as developing economies. Companies in this space are leveraging bone broth protein benefits to widen their consumer base and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

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  • Ancient Nutrition
  • NOW Foods
  • Barebones Ventures, LLC
  • Organixx
  • Nutra Organics Pty Ltd
  • SunFed Ranch
  • Australian Bone Broth Co
  • Necessity Nutrition
  • Cognitude
  • BRI Nutrition LLC
  • The Organika Way
  • Nutraholics
  • Cosmic Molecule
  • Natural Force
  • Broth and Co
  • Left Coast Performance
  • Renovatio Nutrition
  • Paleo Pro LLC
  • Viva Deo LLC
  • Peak Performance

Bone Broth Protein Market Trends

Surging Demand for Organic Products Fuelling Market Growth: High inclination toward organic product consumption is supporting the growth of the bone broth protein market. Globally, demand for organic food products has risen due to increased consumer awareness about the health benefits associated with organic products. Increased consumer consciousness for health is boosting the growth of the bone broth market. Consumers are in search of high quality nutritious food products, which is benefitting this space. Organic ingredient-based supplements are becoming mainstream products, which bodes well for the sales of bone broth protein.

In contrast to traditional food products, organic products are produced without the use of chemicals and pesticides, which helps maintain more nutrients such as antioxidants. Organic products can be helpful for consumers facing allergies from pesticides and preservatives.

  • In 2019, the USDA announced increasing the number of certified organic operations with expanding programs and services for organic producers and handlers, by funding organic research and certification cost-share assistance.

Rising Consumption of Dietary Supplements Driving Market Expansion: Owing to the nutritional profile of bone broth protein, it is largely being used in the dietary supplement industry. Key uses where bone broth protein accounts for the highest demand are gut health, bone health, and weight management in dietary supplements. Rapid urbanization, shifting lifestyles, and growing disposable incomes have led to higher consumption of dietary supplements. The bone broth protein market has also greatly benefited from increasing application in the food industry.

The dietary supplements market is one of the fastest-growing industries in developed as well as developing economies. Rising use of chemicals and fertilizers in food products reduce the nutrition in food; thus, consumers need dietary supplements to balance the nutritional requirements of the body.

bone broth protein market

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Regional Outlook of Bone Broth Protein Market

North America has the largest bone broth protein market share (31.5% of overall market value). Increased consumption of organic and nutritious products coupled with high disposable income is boosting sales in the region. Europe is the second-largest market for bone broth protein, expanding at a CAGR of nearly 7%. Together, North America and Europe account for more than 55% share of the global bone broth protein market. Consumer preference for health benefitting products is anticipated to surge demand for bone broth protein across regions in the near future.

Among emerging economies such as India and China, rising awareness among consumers is boosting the consumption of organic products, which will have a positive impact on the sales of bone broth protein. Increasing disposable income and rising consumer spending on healthy food products is also a major factor accelerating the growth of the bone broth market in the region. All these factors are creating opportunities for new entrants in the bone broth market to expand their product offerings, especially in East and South Asia.

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COVID- 19 Impact on Bone Broth Protein Market

The COVID-19 pandemic is having adverse effects on businesses across the globe, but has had a low impact on the bone broth protein market due to government standards that have allowed critical pharmaceutical and nutraceutical product manufacturing. Due to consumers opting for immunity-enhancing supplements during the pandemic, demand for nutraceuticals and functional foods is expected to experience an upward surge.

However, disruptions in the supply chain and trade restrictions across various countries have hindered the market in mid-2020, but it is expected to witness high growth in 2021. In addition, rising consumption of health-benefitting products across the world is projected to increase demand for dietary supplements, which will also create an opportunity for players in the bone broth protein market space.

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Analysts’ Viewpoint

The global bone broth protein market is expected to witness substantial value growth over the coming years, owing to increased application across various industries. Manufacturers’ efforts in offering high quality bone broth protein with increased health benefits are expected to contribute to substantial market growth. With ongoing and pipeline research & development, the bone broth protein market is expected to reach a total volume of 3,466 tons by the end of 2030.

Key Segments of Global Bone Broth Protein Market

PMR’s report on the global bone broth protein market offers information divided into four segments - nature, source, end use, and region.


  • Organic
  • Conventional


  • Poultry
  • Beef
  • Turkey
  • Blend
  • Others

End Use

  • Food and Beverages
  • Soups & Sauces
  • Meat & Poultry Products
  • Functional Food
  • Beverages
  • Others
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Pet Food
  • Others


  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • South Asia
  • East Asia
  • Oceania
  • Middle East and Africa


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