Egg White Peptide Market - Global Industry Analysis 2014 - 2018 and Forecast 2019 - 2029

Egg White Peptide  Market
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Market Outlook

Health is one of the major concern that is considered by the people before consumption of any food or beverage ingredients. However, the changing lifestyle, increase the working population across the world and due to their busy and sedentary lifestyle, there is an increase in unhealthy eating and thus rise in a various health problem. With the rising awareness about health, there is an increase in the number of people that prefer to consume food which can provide some health benefit along with the nutrients. Bakery and Confectionary products are major part of food and beverage industry these years. With the growing awareness and changing consumer perception, there is huge demand for bakery & confectionaries as well as rest of food products with health benefitting additives and ingredients like egg white peptides. Egg White Peptides is formed after degradation of egg white protein into smaller peptides with linked amino acids. Egg white Peptides have high protein & amino acids content as well as lower fat content, and are easy to digest. Egg White Proteins are increasingly being used in food & Beverages, pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements and cosmetics industry these days.

Growing Demand for Egg White Peptides Due To Increasing Demand for Healthy Food Ingredients with Rising Awareness & Changing Consumer Perception

The growing demand for inclusion protein ingredients as well as other health benefiting ingredients in food and beverage products is expected to increase the demand for egg white peptides. Rising awareness about consumption of a healthy diet, increased occurrences of health related issues like cardiovascular diseases, demand for healthy processed food ingredients are some the prime driver of global egg peptide market. Egg white peptides help in preventing and treatment of gastro-intestinal infection, increasing product shelf life of various products and also provides functional properties like heat stability and emulsification. Egg peptides are thus used largely in bakery and confectionaries. The increasing demand for bioactive peptides is expected to have positive impact on Egg White Peptides market as they are known to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial activities. Egg White Peptides are also used in Sports Nutrition, condiments and sauces for its nutritional and functional properties. Thus owing all the above factors, the global egg white peptide market is expected to grow positively over the forecast period.

Global Egg White Peptide: Market Segmentation

In the terms of Product type, the global egg white peptide market has been segmented as

  • Di-Peptide
  • Tri-Peptide
  • Other 

In the terms of Application, the global egg white peptide market has been segmented as

  • Food & Beverages
    • Bakery & Confectionaries
    • Nutraceuticals
    • Sport and Energy Nutrition
    • Sauces and Condiments
  • Personal Care Products
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Other Applications

In the terms of Form, the global egg white peptide market has been segmented as

  • Liquid
  • Dry

Global Egg White Peptide Market: Key Players

Some of the key player in global egg white peptide market include of Kewpie Corporation, Merck KgaA, Newtricious, Herbal Innovation, Deb-el Food, Maypro Industries, and Others. Many other companies are taking interest to invest in global egg white peptides market owing to its increasing market attractiveness. 

Opportunities for Market Participants

Global Egg White Peptide market is growing and has opened many opportunities for market participants. The nutraceuticals manufactures are taking interest to integrate egg white peptide in various formulation or develop new formulations as egg white peptides can delivery essential amino acids as well as provide other health related benefits to body. With the utilization of egg white peptide in cosmetics and personal care for its moisturizing as well as protective effect on hair and skin, the egg white peptide manufacturers are trying to develop application-specific products. The egg white peptide market is currently emphasized on product development. Pharmaceutical industry is exploiting Egg White Peptides as they consists of various di and tri-peptides of essential amino acids which are beneficial for certain type of tissues like brain, kidney, etc. as well as for its and anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, antimicrobial as well as antihypertensive activities.

Global Egg White Peptide Market: A Regional Outlook

The global egg white peptide market can be regionally segmented as North America, Europe, Latin America, East Asia, South Asia, Middle East & Africa and Oceania. East Asia and South Asia regions are expected to have huge impact on global egg white peptide market owing to largest producers of eggs.

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