Covid-19 to Sweep the Patient Handling Equipment Market

Date : Sep 24, 2020 Author : PMR Editorial Staff

As per Persistence Market Research, the global patient handling equipment market is expected to witness an exponentiation in the years to come.

Patient handling equipment imply lowering, lifting, pushing, holding, or pulling on the part of patients. They encompass disability equipment, non-mechanical lifting equipment, mobility equipment, bathroom safety supplies, rehabilitation equipment, and mechanical lifting equipment. The ever-increasing incidences of lifestyle-related diseases coupled with growing geriatric population is the key factor driving the patient handling equipment market.

The rehabilitation equipment market is expected to reach US$ 13.4 Bn by 2022. This robust growth could be attributed to inundation of chronic ailments throughout. The acute care hospital beds and stretchers market is flourishing on the similar grounds, with expected CAGR of more than 4% between 2020 and 2030. The patient positioning accessories like top foam pads, head rest, couch tops and overlays, safety drapes, chairs, cushions, thermoplastic masks locating & indexing bar, bite positioner, surgical tables, markers (rectal marker, vaginal marker, and fiducial markers), are already making the rounds.

Impact of Covid-19 on Patient handling Equipment Market

The outbreak of Covid-19 has resulted in spike in demand for patient handling equipment. The scenario is expected to persist atleast till Covid-19 vaccine is in place. So, Covid-19 patient handling equipment is expected to be talk of the healthcare market going forward.

Region-wise Analysis

The entire world is asking for patient handling equipment in the wake of Covid-19 crisis. Pre Covid-19 era had North America dominating the market due to splurge in chronic diseases. Europe came in second with Asia-Pacific being the tail ender.

Competitive Landscape

The key players in the patient handling equipment market include Spectra Care Group, Sidhil Ltd., Mangar International Ltd., Benmor Medical Ltd., Handicare, Inc., Linet, Inc., Etac Ltd., and Guldmann, Inc.