Are IoT And AI A Match Made In Information Technology Heaven?

Date : Oct 06, 2017 Author : PMR Editorial Staff Category : Technology

The Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence could prove to be an unbeatable combination

The two most prominent trends in the ICT industry would undoubtedly be the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence and experts can agree to a great extent about this. However, the IoT market and Artificial Intelligence market have largely had disparate development cycles till date. What if these two were to merge at some point in the near future? The dynamic duo of the IoT and AI are manifesting themselves in a variety of implementations and forms across the globe. IBM Corporation, a prominent player in the IoT market, inaugurated a Watson IoT headquarters in Munich at the beginning of 2017. The lab combines partners such as Bosch, Ricoh, and BMW with IBM technology and the stated objective is to join cognitive computing with the diverse array of IoT sensors. The company even claims that Watson and IBM can showcase the growing clout of cognitive analytics in the IoT market. 

The combo of IoT and AI is playing a part in transforming the retail industry. New IoT startups created by former employees of behemoths in the IoT market are all about IoT analytics and are potentially valued at billions of dollars. In Japan, long considered at the forefront of technological innovation, a renowned Japanese tech giant is abandoning its mobile phone business to focus its attention entirely on the intersection of the IoT market and AI. The company has declared its intent to sell its mobile handset business to an eager suitor and it has pledged to use the sale proceeds to strengthen its IT unit that already accounts for the lion’s share of its revenue.

The organization has made clear that it wishes to target services with cutting-edge technology such as IoT and AI. These are just some of the many examples of the impending confluence of the IoT market and AI.

Combining AI technology with that available in the IoT market can make perfect sense because IoT scales to millions of devices processing a huge volume of data. Analysts believe that AI could offer the best chance of accurately deciphering all that big data in real time and putting it to good use to solve major challenges. A study published in the Science magazine stated that ‘Self-taught AI could predict heart attacks more accurately than doctors’ because of the numerous risk factors involved and their respective complexities. That seamless synergy is the ultimate goal with respect to AI and the IoT market. The reality is somewhat more complicated though as both IoT and AI are still in the early stages of their development, have limited tooling, suffer from immature technology, and struggle in demonstrating the necessary value to justify their heavy investment.

Nonetheless, a key link between the IoT market and AI may be critical in the short term. It seems that AI can assist in the design of more efficient networks in the IoT market leading to sufficient capacity without compromising security or overbuilding. True revolutions can take place if the IoT market and AI market decide the time to be ripe for collaboration.

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