Global Market Study on Portable Stages: ‘Rental’ Creating New Opportunities

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A portable stage is an easy transportable platform generally made of aluminum truss and plywood or toughened glass set up indoor as well as outdoor. Portable stages are utilized for the performance area of various events. Some of the important advantages of portable stages are quick and easy installation at the desired location, light weight, compactness, customizable, easy to move, adjustable height, and flexible in any event. Portable stages are also used in various fields such as sports & recreation industry, commercial events, institutions, and individual events. Moreover, robust expansion of the entertainment industry and the increasing number of outdoor events, especially in top tier countries of developing regions are estimated to drive the growth of the portable stages market further. 

This global portable stages market report offers our perspective on how the portable stages market will unfold. The global portable stages market is projected to grow with a CAGR of ~8% by value during the forecast period and, it is anticipated to grow from ~US$ 150Mn in 2019 to ~US$ 313Mn in 2029. The global volume demand for the portable stages market was pegged at ~235, 000 units in 2018, which is estimated to indicate a CAGR of ~8% to reach ~500,000 units by the end of 2029. The increasing demand for easy Installation and customizable staging solution as per the venue is likely to stimulate the global portable stages market growth during the forecast period of 2019-2029.

Increasing Marketing Activities in Trade Shows and Exhibitions to Boost the Market Growth

Exhibiting a product at a trade show can be an excellent way to create brand awareness and advertise to a target market. Portable stages are effective staging solutions in such trade shows and exhibitions, where promoter needs a temporary and efficient solution. Portable stages also provide customized solutions as per the area available for promotion that attains the exact requirement of the exhibitor. Additionally, the number of trade shows and exhibitions around the globe is growing owing to the increasing marketing activities and intense competition in the global market. The growing number of trade shows and exhibitions are expected to boost the demand for portable stages.

Demand Gains Upheld by Easy Installation and Customization

Portable stages can easily be installed in less time and workforce as well as customized as per the venue of the event. From the past decade, roadshows and trade show activities by organizations are increasing to boost marketing activities. Several event organizers need a staging solution in specific shape and size as per the venue and event requirements. The standard size stages don’t meet the particular requirements of the event organizer. Portable stages are designed and customized as per the event’s requirement, which has many advantages such as easy to assemble, light in weight, and efficient operations, which are anticipated to increase the demand for portable stages in the near future.

Increasing Inclination towards Rental Services to Present New Opportunities

In the portable stages market, most of the end consumers prefer rented staging solutions despite directly buying the portable stage. However, the rent of a portable stage has become more expensive than the direct selling price of the portable stage. Portable stage end users are inclining towards direct buying the portable stage, which accounts for the economic expense over a long period. The increasing long-term usage of portable stages is estimated to incline end consumers towards directly buying portable stages.

Opportunity Analysis for the Global Portable Stages Market (by Region) 

  • The portable stages market in the Western Europe region is estimated to represent an incremental $ opportunity of ~US$ 50Mn between 2019-2029, accounting for ~35% share in the global absolute dollar opportunity, which is projected to grow between 2019-2029.
  • The Americas region is a prominent region in the global market in terms of portable stages sales followed by Western Europe and South Asia incl. China.
  • Eastern Europe & MEA, and East Asia & Pacific portable stages markets, are expected to register a steady growth owing to the recreational and sports activities in these regions.

Large Portable Stages to Gain Center Stage in South Asia

The uplift in the South Asian market, especially China portable stages market, is backed by increasing marketing activities through roadshows and trade exhibitions as well as increasing spending on personal events by per capita. For instance, the sports & recreation industry and individual events are estimated to be the most prominent end users in the portable stages market. The sales of portable stages from sports & recreation industry and individual events segments are likely to be higher than those of other end use segments by the end of 2029. Moreover, major market participants have started increasing their dealer’s network to seize their market presence, contributing to the growth in portable stages market.

The market report by Persistence Market Research (PMR) on the Portable Stages market includes global industry analysis 2014-2018 and forecast 2019-2029. The prime purpose of global report is to give a detailed breakdown and insights pertinent to the Portable Stages market. This Portable Stages market report provides an in-depth analysis of the global Portable Stages market, in terms of year-wise (Y-o-Y) growth, value (US$ Mn) & volume (Units) on the basis of size, end use, channel, configuration, platform material and region. The report also highlights the dynamics prevalent to the Portable Stages market and provides crucial information prevailing to the mentioned segments in the global Portable Stages market.

To convey improved understanding and to assist stakeholders in taking decisions and market breakdown, the report comes with the integrated study of drivers, restraints, opportunities, and trends, which influence the present market scenario and are likely to impact the future market scenario of the global Portable Stages market over the forecast period. The study offers data for 2018, along with the comprehensive market forecast for the period of 2019-2029.

Market Segmentation

By Size

By End Use

By Channel

  • Small Portable Stages
  • Medium Portable Stages
  • Large Portable Stages
  • Extra Large Portable Stages
  • Sports & Recreation Industry
  • Commercial Events
  • Institutions
  • Individual Events
  • Direct End User Sales
  • Rental Service Provider

By Configuration

By Platform Material

By Region

  • Fixed Height
  • Adjustable Height
  • Plywood
  • Toughened Glass
  • Americas
  • Western Europe
  • Eastern Europe & MEA
  • South Asia incl. China
  • East Asia & Pacific

Report Description

To comprehend and describe the market opportunities and trends, the global Portable Stages market report has been categorically split into different sections based on size, end use, channel, configuration, platform material and region. The report initiates with the market overview and delivers market definition and taxonomy, along with the value chain, drivers, and pricing analysis pertaining to the market. Following this, the Portable Stages market background has been enclosed, which includes the factors affecting the Portable Stages market, such as macro-economic factors.

Macro-economic factors include global economic outlook, global GDP growth, overview of Participation in Recreational Activities, and factors influencing trade shows, among others. The market background also comprises of the market dynamics that affect the Portable Stages market. The dynamics included in the report are drivers, restraints, opportunities, and trends.

The market background also includes supply chain analysis, where the flow of Portable Stages from the raw material suppliers to the Portable Stages manufacturers, and to the end users through several distributors and retailers involved has been covered. The final part in the market background includes the forecast factors, which include factors that are expected to have an impact on the global Portable Stages market such as regulations on Portable Stages.

The subsequent section comprises of the global Portable Stages market study by size, end use, channel, configuration, platform material and country/region. All the above sections help in the assessment of the market on the basis of multiple factors affecting the market. Every section reflects the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the global Portable Stages market. To provide a comprehensive study about the revenue sources from size, end use, channel, configuration, platform material and region/country wise segments, report on Portable Stages market also provides the market value (US$ Mn), market shares, growth rates, and total incremental $ opportunity indices for all segment over the forecast period (2019-2029).

In the last section of the Portable Stages market report, we have incorporated an inclusive competition landscape with the company’s performance history and market share to provide report audiences with a dashboard sight of the leading players operating in the global Portable Stages market. This would enable the clients to assess strategies deployed by the market leaders and help them develop effective strategies accordingly.

Research Methodology

The preliminary stage of the research analysis includes the company mapping pertaining to each type of the product, which is necessary for understanding the market scenario. Further, the application areas of each type of product were identified through primary and secondary research. Further stages of the research involve counter validation of the data collected using top-down and bottom-up approaches to analyze the global Portable Stages market trends and opportunities for Portable Stages manufacturers.

For the analysis of consumption, we have considered FY 2018 as the base year. The basic data was collected from manufacturers’ annual reports_bk_01_01_2020, newsletters, public reports_bk_01_01_2020 published by government as well as private agencies, World Bank’s sources, trade map sources, etc. Further, the collected data was validated through primary research techniques that involve manufacturers, distributors, end-user, rental service provider, procurement agencies, and regional representatives.

For final analysis of the market data, we considered demand-side as well as supply-side drivers and trends in several regional markets. We have forecasted the market data on the basis of key developments, regional trends, and production – consumption scenario of the Portable Stages.

Companies covered in Portable Stages Market Report

Company Profiles:

  • Wenger Corporation 
  • Hertz Furniture System LLC 
  • Signature Systems Group LLC 
  • SICO Incorporated 
  • StageRight Corporation 
  • Stageline Groupe Inc. 
  • AmTab Manufacturing Corporation 
  • Gopak Limited 
  • Mega Stage Inc. 
  • 2M (Deutschland) GmbH 
  • Europodium 
  • Stagemobil Eckart Fahrzeugbau GmbH 
  • CPS Manufacturing Co LLP 
  • Bary Sales AS 
  • Kultour GmbH 
  • Quik Stage Incorporated 
  • Marshall Austin Productions Inc.
  • Staging Canadell Ltd
  • Staging Concepts
  • Avocet Engineering Services Limited


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