UHT Milk Market - Market Study and Industry Analysis

  • Published On : Aug 27, 2014
The global UHT milk market was valued at $60.8 billion in 2012 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.8% from 2013 to 2019. It will reach an estimated value of $137.7 billion in 2019.

UHT Milk Market – Industry Overview

For years, milk and other dairy commodities have been the center stage activity for healthy growth and development among adults and children. Milk is a healthy food item that finds its consumption daily in every household, however with needs for proper preservation. Fresh milk lasts for only a few days and needs thorough preservation and refrigeration to avoid bacterial growth. However, with increasing influence of modern UHT milk products; this market is escalating rapidly in various sectors of the world.  

In the past few years, due to growing mergers and acquisitions, this global market has been extremely volatile in performance and in terms of degree of competition. 

Market Growth Drivers

Some of the major growth factors of this market are the new dietary trends of consuming UHT milk products outside homes. This industry finds its prospects on sports field for sportspersons to take UHT milk, in schools for school children to drink milk under the health programs run by several governments, at the gymnasium for those who work out routines, as well as for office-goers who can catch up with a healthy lifestyle in between their mundane jobs. 

Moreover, supermarkets are another major source of distribution for UHT milk. These retail chain channels offer products at low costs, thus increasing the competitiveness in the market. Also, changing consumer preferences for packaged food products due to their longevity and ease of use are increasing the consumption of UHT milk products in Europe and Asian countries. In Europe, the inexpensive private label UHT milk brands are further encouraging growth in the overall market. 

Market Restraining Factors

Against the backdrop of key growth factors in the global UHT milk market; there are a few restraints that are posing challenge to the market growth. Regions such as, India and China are considered to be the largest consumers of milk globally. However, lack of refrigeration chains and poor road infrastructure, especially in India, are posing restraints in the development of chill chains across both these geographic regions. The rate of consumption in China is around 70%, and needs to lay emphasis for more opportunities for UHT milk. 

In addition, the milk share in Europe is demoting the producers of milk-products to attain a specific level of milk production. Producers claim for declining profit margins due to the rise in milk prices globally.

UHT Milk Market: By Product Segmentation

This study covers comprehensive estimation and analysis of key product segments in this market. Considering the market study by product segmentation, the semi skimmed UHT milk type sector consumed the overall market with its largest shares, in 2012. This sector was successively followed by whole UHT milk type. Both these segments are further expected to rise by 2019.

UHT Milk Market – Geography Analysis

By geography, the ultra-high temperature milk market is divided into four major regions including North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and RoW (Rest of the world). The European countries have been the largest UHT milk consumers among other markets. The demand is highest in this region due to their rare shopping habits for milk and other related commodities. Similarly, the Asian countries, particularly China, is experiencing increasing urbanization and rapid growth in population due to which there is a rise in the global UHT milk market. 

Since, UHT milk requires less refrigeration space and can be preserved for a longer period, it works out as the best alternative of preservation in these regions. Hence, the demand for UHT milk products and growth of this market is constantly rising.

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