DribbleUp to Launch Cheaper and Smarter Soccer Balls

Date : Aug 26, 2017 Author : Rahul Singh Category : Sports and Fitness

According to a recently published news, DribbleUp smart basketballs were created, which led to an upsurge in demand for the smart soccer balls.

While soccer does not see a major craze in the U.S., the sport is played and enjoyed by many in Europe and other parts of the world. In pace with the changing trends of the game globally, demand for smart technology in soccer is predicted to redefine the game in the coming years. DribbleUp hopes to integrate similar combination of features such as affordability and advanced technology in the sport equipment. DribbleUp claims that this will represent the first football launched, embedded with features such as augmented reality.

Track Your Ball through Smartphones

The DribbleUp application allows the customers to use the camera of smartphones in order to track the football in the real time mode. It further allows the end users to produce various data points into real-time training feedback. While using the app, the end users will be directed through various drill sessions and then given grades and feedbacks when the drills are completed. 

Erick Forkosh, CEO of DribbleUp stated that they have reinvented the football for a digital generation. The soccer ball can connect to the augmented reality application that enables the soccer players and coaches to train irrespective of place and time. Moreover, the virtual trainer available on the application guides the end users through interactive drill sessions equipped with live audio feedbacks. The virtual trainer also gives a breakdown based on every drill, so that the end users know where they need to improve. 

Easy Access to Virtual Training

Now the players can practice well in extreme weather conditions with the virtual trainer. The smart balls are not dependant on batteries, so it does not need to be charged. The soccer players can use the smart balls and practice anywhere and anytime attributed to easy accessibility of virtual player on the application. Further, these soccer balls cost relatively less than standard soccer balls, due to which the smart balls are likely to witness significant demand.

Without technology, the smart balls are of comparatively high quality. CEO of DribbleUp, Erick Forkosh said that the smart balls were manufactured for coaches, youth, and kids. This ball can challenge players of various ages and even the professional players. Embedded with advanced features, the smart soccer balls by DribbleUp has redefined the soccer sport. Integrated with various features, the smart soccer balls have taken the sport to the next level. 

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