Liquid Sodium Silicate Market to Reach US$ 4.2 Bn by 2030; COVID-19 Pandemic Resulting in Declining Demand for Most End Uses

  • Published On : Sep 17, 2020

Detergents and cleaning compounds hold a prominent share in terms of consumption of liquid sodium silicate. Sodium silicates are used with synthetic detergent compositions to minimize alkali attacks and control corrosion. Without the usage of sodium silicates, synthetic detergent composition can be harmful to metal surfaces such as, zinc, aluminum, and other metal alloy parts in washers. Moreover, rising concerns regarding the use of treated water will further push the demand for liquid sodium silicate in the future.

As per PMR’s study, the global liquid sodium silicate market is estimated to expand at a CAGR of 2% during the forecast period of 2020-2030.

Key Takeaways from Liquid Sodium Silicate Market Study

  • Liquid sodium silicate is a colorless and musky liquid, which comprises oxides of silica and sodium. It is water soluble and is prepared by reacting sodium carbonate and silica sand at high temperatures around 1200 to 14000C. It has a range of chemical formula, which is dependent upon the varying amount of sodium oxide or silicon dioxide.
  • Penetration of the alkaline type liquid sodium silicate is expected to be comparatively higher as compared to the neutral type, owing to its wide range of applications.
  • Detergents & cleaning compounds are expected to dominate the overall consumption of liquid sodium silicate across the globe. Steady growth in construction spending is expected to drive the demand for sodium silicate. Moreover, anticipated steady growth in adhesive production is also expected to push demand during the forecast period.  
  • East Asia is a prominent consumer of liquid sodium silicate, followed by Europe and North America. East Asia accounts for more than one-third share in the global liquid sodium silicate market, backed by high consumption of detergents and cleaning compounds in countries such as China. The market in this region is also expected to grow at the highest rate, owing to growth in detergent & soap and paper & pulp industries as a result of rising urbanization.
  • The liquid sodium silicate market is fairly consolidated in nature, with prominent manufacturers located in the U.S., China, and developing Asian countries.

“Decrease in consumption of sodium silicate due to downturn in end-use industries, including paper & pulp, adhesives, building & construction, petroleum processing, and others during the current pandemic is anticipated to be offset by growth of the detergents & cleaning compounds industry,” says a PMR analyst.

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Liquid Sodium Silicate Market Landscape Continues to Remain Moderately Fragmented

The global liquid sodium silicate market is fairly consolidated at global and regional levels. Tier-1 manufacturers account for more than one-third of the global market share. Some of the leading players included in the report are PQ Corporation, OxyChem Corporation, W.R. Grace & Company, PPG Industries, Inc., BASF SE, Evonik Industries AG, Glassven C.A., Kiran Global Chem Limited, Nippon Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd., Comfia Industries Pvt. Ltd. and others. Manufacturers are focusing on acquisition and expansion activities to gain a stronger foothold in this space.

Liquid Sodium Silicate Market: Conclusion

Demand for liquid sodium silicate is projected to grow, owing to increasing demand for detergents & cleaning products. The market is occupied by less number of manufacturers. Regions such East Asia and Europe hold major shares in the global market. Further, increasing demand from paper & pulp, water treatment, adhesives and petroleum processing is expected to push the demand for liquid sodium silicate over the coming years.

Want to Know More?

Persistence Market Research has published a market research report on the liquid sodium silicate market that contains global industry analysis of 20152019 and opportunity assessment for 20202030. The report provides in-depth analysis of the liquid sodium silicate market through different segments, namely, molar ratio, application, and region. The liquid sodium silicate market report also provides supply and demand trends, along with an overview of the parent market.

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