Global Dental Implants Market to Rise at 9.70% CAGR as Buyers Increasingly Demand Advanced Cosmetic Procedures

  • Published On : Nov 22, 2015

In its latest report, Persistence Market Research studies the overall growth trajectory of the global dental implants market. This is a comprehensive report presenting pertinent information and key insights into the factors driving and restraining the global market for dental implants. Based on in-depth research, the report pegs the value of the global dental implants market at US$4.5 bn in 2014. Rising at a CAGR of 9.70%, the market is expected to reach an estimated value of more than US$7.8 bn by the end of 2020. The report is titled “Global Market Study on Dental Implants - Asia Pacific to Witness Fastest Growth by 2020,” and is available on the company website for sale. 

The escalating geriatric population worldwide has been identified as the key growth driver for the dental implants market. Furthermore, the rising demand for cosmetic surgery also augments the market’s growth. While over the last few years, the dental implants market has progressed impressively around the world, the high cost of dental implant surgery for cosmetic intervention still inhibits the market’s growth in countries such as the U.S and the U.K. Nevertheless, the rising medical tourism in emerging regions is significantly aiding the dental implants market in developing countries such as India, Hungary, Malaysia, and Costa Rica.

Furthermore, the report cites limited reimbursement facilities for dental implant surgeries as a key factor restraining the market’s growth on a global front. Nevertheless, introduction of the latest technologies such as 3D imaging, computer aided design or CAD, laser dentistry, nanotechnology, mini dental implant, and sedation dentistry will improve the overall standard of dental surgical procedures. The emergence of these technologies is likely to fuel the demand from the global dental implants market. 

Among the key regional market segments, Europe has emerged as the largest market for dental implants globally. The increasing clinical adoption of dental implants therapy and the introduction of the latest technological advances in the region have been boosting the dental implants market in Europe. Some of the rapidly developing markets for dental implants in Europe identified in the report include Germany, France, and the U.K. On the basis of the material used in the implant, the titanium implants segment leads the global dental implants market at present, and the segment is anticipated to exhibit the fastest CAGR at 9.80% during the 2014-2020 period, states the report.

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Apart from Europe, players in the dental implants industry have found a lucrative market in North America as well. The growing geriatric population in the region, coupled with increasing demand for cosmetic surgeries in the region, is boosting the demand for dental implants in North America. As reported by the ADHA (American Dental Hygienists’ Association), almost 75% of the American adults were suffering from some form of gum disease or other in 2008. Over the years, this number has only increased, amplifying the demand for advanced dental surgeries and dental implants. 

Asia Pacific, according to the report, is expected to demonstrate the fastest CAGR during the forecast period. Growing awareness regarding dental health and growing medical tourism will aid the growth of the dental implants market in the region, states the report.

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