Medical Nutrition Ingredients Market

Medical Nutrition Ingredients Market: Global Industry Trend Analysis 2013 to 2017 and Forecast 2018 - 2028

Market Outlook

Diet and nutrition are important factors in the promotion and maintenance of good health. Appropriate and balanced nutrition is essential especially for everyone’s well-being, and especially while recovering from an illness. Imbalance of nutrition intake by a person can lead to long-term impacts like Malnutrition. Patients with malnutrition are more at risk of mortality, morbidity, and re-hospitalization.

Many times, it gets difficult for patients to fulfill their nutrients requirements with regular meals, as they are unable to absorb the nutrients from the food. Medical Nutrition refers to therapeutic compositions specially formulated and intended for the dietary management of patients.

Medical nutrition ingredients include various nutrients which are used to provide patients with various nutrient which help in treatment as well as faster recovery of the patient. Specific Medical Nutrition Ingredients are used to treat specific diseases and disorders such as diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, cancer, etc.

Medical Nutrition ingredients are used in as single or in combination with other as per the requirements and are to be administered under the supervision of medical professional only. Thus, with increased incidents of diseases and hospitalization, the global Medical Nutrition Ingredients market is expected to grow at a good pace over the forecast period.

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Growing Demand for Medical Nutrition Ingredients due to increased occurrence of disease and aging population.

Medical Nutrition Ingredients are focused to patient’s health and boost their immune system. Increasing occurrences of illness, as well as hospitalization, premature births, and aging population, are the major drivers of Medical Nutrition Ingredients market. Increased incidences of malnutrition as well as undernourished population, prove to be a driver for the Medical Nutrition Ingredients market.

The rising awareness among the people as well as increase in the number of health-conscious population proves to be a secondary driver for the Medical Nutrition Ingredients market. The demand for better healthcare facilities and therapy in developed countries is likely to boost the growth of the medical nutrition ingredients market.

The changing lifestyle, industrialization and thus, the tendency of people to recover at a rapid pace rises the demand for Medical Nutrition Ingredients. The rising demands for nutrition products from ‘Elderly Population’ in order stay fit, prove to be a boosting factor for Medical Nutrition Ingredients market. However, High product price, as well as stringent government policies about the administration of various Medical Nutrition Ingredients, prove to be some factors that are hindering the growth of Medical Nutrition Ingredients market.

However, with an increasing number of benefits, the global Medical Nutrition Ingredients market is expected to grow positively in terms of value and volume over the forecast period.

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Global Medical Nutrition Ingredients: Market Segmentation

  • Macronutrients
    • Proteins
    • Hydrolysates
    • Others
  • Micronutrients
    • Vitamins
    • Minerals
    • Amino acids
  • Customized
  • Parenteral Nutrition
  • Enteral Nutrition
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Malnutrition
  • Others

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Global Medical Nutrition Market: Key Players

The global Medical Nutrition Ingredients market is rapidly growing across the globe. Some of the key players in the market include Arla Foods Ingredients Group P/S, Glanbia PLC, NZMP, FrieslandCampina Ingredients, Nutrica, Abbott, Nestlé and others. Many other players are taking interest to invest in Medical Nutrition Ingredients market as there is good scope and opportunities.

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Opportunities for Market Participants

Medical Nutrition Ingredients market is growing and thus has scope for many opportunities for the market players. Most of the Medical Nutrition Ingredients and products in the market tend to have an unattractive taste, consumers tend to prefer a better taste as well as texture for Medical Nutrition Ingredients. Thus creating an opportunity for manufacturers to invest in R&D and launch products with improved taste and texture.

Advances in biotechnology have culminated in the revolution of the medical nutrition market as manufacturers are increasingly focusing on the research & development of better and customized medical nutrition products in the market. The increasing demand for Medical Nutrition Ingredients at an affordable price from developing countries thus companies are focusing on R&D in order to cater the demand.

Global Medical Nutrition Ingredients Market: Regional Outlook

The global Medical Nutrition Ingredients market is regionally segmented as North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and MEA. North America followed by Europe and APAC is expected to dominate the Medical Nutrition Ingredients market during the forecast period, due to the increasing number of occurrence of chronic disease as well as a high number of health-conscious people. The Medical Nutrition Ingredients market in MEA is expected to grow at a lower rate due to limited access.

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