Electronic Weighing Scales Market

Global Market Study on Electronic Weighing Scales: Industrial Scales Projected to be the Most Attractive Application Segment Through 2025

Electronic Weighing Scales Market Segmented By Table Top Scale, Platform Scale, Precision Scale, Pocket Scale Product with Laboratory Scales Gem & Jewelry Scales Retail Scales Health Scales Industrial Scales, Veterinary Scales

Increasing adoption of electronic weighing scales to be witnessed across major applications

Electronic weighing scales find use across several applications such as retail, healthcare, veterinary, laboratories, jewelry, and other industrial applications. Among the various application segments in the global electronic weighing scale market, the industrial scales segment accounts for comparatively higher revenue share of almost 33% and is expected to remain dominant during the forecast period. The health scales segment is expected to register high Y-o-Y growth rates throughout the forecast period while the veterinary scales segment is anticipated to increase 1.4X between 2017 and 2025.

The health scales segment is projected to witness a CAGR of 5.2% during the forecast period while the gem and jewelry scales segment is expected to be a close second at 5.1%. The retail scales segment is expected to be the second largest segment, with a market value share of 24.0% during the period of assessment.


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Company Profiles

  • Tanita
  • A&D Engineering
  • Fairbanks Scales
  • Adam Equipment
  • Essae group
  • KERN & SOHN GmbH
  • Mettler Toredo
  • Contech Instruments Ltd.
  • Avery Weigh Tronix LLC
  • Rice Lake Weighing Systems
  • Cardinal Scale Manufacturing Company
  • Doran Scales, Inc.
  • Others.

Key developments trending the regional electronic weighing scale markets

North America: Increasing automation across different industry verticals has led to the adoption of automated electronic measuring devices for testing and measurement of materials in enterprises. This factor is driving revenue growth of the electronic weighing scale market across the region. The North America region is witnessing rapid advancement in weighing machine technology for enhanced industry applications such as shipping and recycling.

Latin America: One of the key factors driving the Latin America electronic weighing scale market is the need to replace old and obsolete measuring equipment with the latest and advanced electronic measuring equipment with improved product design and speedy output. A trend witnessed in the Latin America electronic weighing scale market is the adoption of electronic weighing scales in lift truck scales for logistics and shipping operations.

Europe: The growth of modern retail across Europe with the mushrooming of large convenience and departmental stores has brought in enhanced shopping experiences to customers including self-weighing machines integrated with barcode and receipt printer, which denotes price of the material by gauging its weight. Modernization of retail stores lead to the adoption of printer scales for better stock management in stores to ensure customer convenience especially while purchasing unpacked goods such as fruits and vegetables.

This drives the growth of the electronic weighing scale market in Europe. Further, increasing international trade demanding enhanced transportation and logistics services is also boosting demand for electronic weighing scales in the region. Modern grocery stores with PC-based retail scales is trending the Europe regional market.

Asia Pacific: A wide availability of low cost sensors such as load sensors that are an important component of electronic weighing scales is a key factor boosting regional market revenue growth. Further, an increasing adoption of digital measuring technology and equipment across different industry verticals owing to features such as durability, cost effectiveness, and enhanced productivity as compared to traditional weighing scales is augmenting demand and revenue growth of the electronic weighing scale market across the Asia Pacific. Adoption of electronic gem scales in Asia Pacific countries such as Australia and Sri Lanka has also increased global revenue share of the electronic weighing scale market.

Middle East & Africa: The Middle East & Africa region is characterized by new developments in automated weighing solutions such as automated precision weighing, which incorporates a technology operating in the milligram range in a fraction of a second. This technology is further integrated with sensors and various communication modules for faster, more effective and reliable weighing. These developments are fueling the electronic weighing scale market in the region.  Adoption of digital weighing scales with advanced connectivity features is a new development in the Middle East & Africa market.

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Market Taxonomy


  • Table Top Scale
  • Platform Scale
  • Precision Scale
  • Pocket Scale
  • Others



  • Laboratory Scales
  • Gem & Jewelry Scales
  • Retail Scales
  • Health Scales
  • Industrial Scales
  • Veterinary Scales



  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Middle East & Africa

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