Technological Advancements to work in Conjunction with Dental Implants Market

Published On : Mar 26, 2021

Punch flap, transgingival, and flapless operations get performed by using 3D-generated and stereolithographic surgical guides for the final step of insertion of implants, provisional restoration, and potentially abutment desin. As such, the dental implant abutment systems market is, in turn, there to keep the cash registers ringing going forward.

Besides, there are craniomaxillofacial implants to take care of the oral, jaw, neck, face, and head injuries. These implants come into picture where there is facial deformity. These implants could be placed on temporary or permanent basis. By product, craniomaxillofacial implants market comprises mid face implants, neuro or cranial implants, distraction systems, mandibular orthognathic implants, thoracic fixation systems, bone graft substitutes, dural repair products, total TMJ replacement systems, and cranial flap fixation systems.

Persistence Market Research (PMR) has assimilated the entire market study on dental implants by product (parallel-walled implants and tapered implants), material (Zirconium and titanium implants), and end-use (hospitals, dental clinics, and others). PMR has also delved deep into the sub-sectors ruling the roost – like – tapered dental implants holds more than 75% of the market share due to minimal risk of “labial perforation” with better attachment to the soft tissue.

It has gone further with tabling the fact that Zirconium dental implants are likely to lead in the forecast period due to higher biocompatibility, higher compressive strength, higher density, low porosity, and negligible cytotoxciity.

Persistence Market Research (PMR) has also unleashed the fact that Europe leads the dental implants market from front. This could be reasoned with the ongoing advancements in medical facilities therein. North America comes in second. The Asia-Pacific is also catching up, with enhancement in awareness amongst the populace.

Persistence Market Research has also put forth the fact that as per the WHO, 5-20% of the population aged between 35 and 44 suffers from periodontal disorder. For those aged between 65 and 74, this percentage is close to 40%, which further states that there is a broader scope for the growth of in the dental implants market in the upcoming period.

Shifting the focus to the key market participants, Persistence Market Research (PMR) has profiled Henry Schein, Danaher Corporation, Institut Straumann AG, Dentsply Sirona, and several others. Developments are also entailed. For instance – Southern Implants, Pty., in June 2019, did introduce the INVERTA Implant to provide a different experience altogether to the consumers regarding aesthetic appeal.

The implant is known to have new “Body Shift” design aimed to provide competitive edge to dental implant industry. On the similar grounds, Dentsply Sirona, in September 2018, did come up with “Azento Single” tooth replacement technique in the US. The objective of this launch was to transform the workflow of dental implants with modernization of the entire value chain – right from planning to delivery.

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