Covid-19 to transform the Soft Tissue Anchors market into a “Sluggish Market”

Published On : Sep 11, 2020

Bone fractures/injuries call for soft tissue anchors, especially as orthopaedic surgeries come into picture. These surgeries are inclusive of torn ligament repairs, rotator cuff surgery, removal of loose cartilages or bones. Athletes are usually subject to dislocation of shoulder. If not treated on timely basis, permanent damage could be caused. The minimally-invasive method of repair/treatment is the “Anthroscopic Bankart Repair” method. The market is also likely to be driven by increase in frequency of osteoporosis and fractures resulting out of it.

The other areas of application include vaginal sling repair, dental reconstruction, cardiovascular surgery, skin repair, hernia repair, breast reconstruction. After orthopaedic surgeries, it’s the cardiovascular surgeries taking the slot. Adoption of mesh/patches in the cardiovascular surgeries is expected to take the soft tissue anchors market to greater heights in the forecast period. Breast reconstruction surgeries are expected to be third in line.

More to Soft Tissue Anchors

Suture Anchors are designed for letting soft tissue execute the function of bone healing wherein inadequate stock on the part of soft tissue makes it difficult in performing a direct soft tissue-to-soft tissue repair. Arthroscopic glenohumeral shoulder surgery makes use of suture anchors.

Eclipse soft tissue anchor simplifies the job of surgeons such that the Eclipse sheath expands two-fold, thereby providing superlative fixation strength across every size of offering. Bone anchors suture, as the name suggests, prove to be very useful for fixing ligaments and tendons to the bone. They consist of the eyelet, anchor, and suture. Anchor Mitek Anchor is used in TMJ (temporomandibular joint) articular disc-repositioning surgery. The soft tissue could be reattached to bone through tendon anchor system. The main advantage is that OR time gets reduced. The Morphix Suture Anchor has been designed to reattach soft tissue (ligaments and tendons) to the bone in tendon transfer, tenodesis, and ligament repairs.

Covid-19 Impact

The ongoing pandemic has resulted in decline in the soft tissue anchors market since Mar 2020. As outdoor activities have receded, fewer bone injuries have come to the fore. Even large events like Olympics have been postponed till the year 2021. This scenario is expected to persist till the end of 2020. The world is looking at 2021 with positivity’s in this regard.

What is the take on Region-wise Analysis?

North America held more than 30% of the market share in 2019. Europe stood second. Medical tourism in Asia-Pacific has been driving the market therein. Post Covid-19, things are expected to take a “normal” turn. Many equations are expected to change. Several players will shift their base to the countries wherein overheads would be less (like the ones in Asia-Pacific).

Competitive Landscape

The key players in the soft tissue anchors market include Depuy Synthes, Smith & Nephew plc, C.R. bard, Inc., Arthrex, Inc., and Integra LifeScience Corporation.

Soft Tissue Anchors Market

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