Global Market Study on Patient Positioning Equipment: Surgical Tables Product Type Segment Expected to be the Most Attractive Segment During 2017 - 2025

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The global patient positioning equipment market is influenced by several factors, drivers, trends as well as opportunities, which decide the future scenario of the market. According to Persistence Market Research’s new comprehensive research report, the global patient positioning equipment market is anticipated to grow at a moderate pace and is poised to register a CAGR of 3.2% over the period of forecast of 2017 to 2025 to reach a value of more than US$ 2 Bn by the end of 2025.

Impact of macroeconomic factors on the patient positioning equipment market

The governments of different countries are opting for various measures of cost control in order to reduce the healthcare burden especially in developed economies. The focus of hospitals and other healthcare facilities has been changed towards a more value based system owing to global healthcare reforms. The shifting of the payment model, for example, the pay for performance has forced healthcare facility providers to invest more on better quality equipment and this has triggered the growth of the patient positioning equipment market.

With the increase in disposable income, the expenditure on healthcare is also increasing. People are able to pay more for healthcare, which in turn is increasing the revenue of hospitals and other healthcare facilities. This has led to increased expenditure by hospitals and healthcare facilities on their services as well as equipment in order to ensure effective treatment to patients. Increasing healthcare expenditure is expected to spur the growth of the patient positioning equipment market. Several countries around the globe are spending more to improvise their healthcare infrastructure.

Dental chairs show high potential with respect to growth rate

By product, the global patient positioning equipment market is segmented into surgical tables, stretcher chair, examination tables and dental chair. These types have different growth potential in different regions covered in the study, which include North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Middle East and Africa (MEA). The dominance of various types in these regions varies as per the region and the favorable elements supporting the growth of these segments. However, according to Persistence Market Research, the dental chair segment is anticipated to witness higher growth rate as compared to other segments throughout the period of forecast of 2017 to 2025. The dental chair segment is poised to register a CAGR of 3.6% during the period, followed by surgical tables. The surgical tables segment is expected to dominate the market in 2025 with respect to market share by revenue followed by dental chair, and is anticipated to reflect a value of more than US$ 1 Bn by 2025 end. By volume, the dental chair segment dominated the global market in 2016 and is expected to show dominance in 2017 and 2025 as well. Following the dental chair segment, the examination tables segment shows higher volume than the remaining segments by product type.

Regional outlook with respect to the product segments

The dental chair segment shows higher growth potential in North America, Asia Pacific (APAC), Latin America and in Middle East and Africa by the end of 2025. In Europe, the examination tables segment is expected to show higher growth by the end of 2025. Stretcher chair segment is anticipated to show low growth in Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Middle East and Africa by the end of 2025. The examination tables segment is poised to reflect sluggish growth in North America during the period of forecast. Surgical tables segment fares well in these regions and is expected to show consistency in its growth rate during the forecast period.

Opportunity analysis, key trends and growth drivers

  • The development of advanced positioning equipment that can auto-adjust the position of the patient can be a big opportunity for companies in the market. Development of advanced patient positioning systems will lead to increased efficiency of the diagnostic and surgical process
  • Development of robotic patient positioning systems is expected to revolutionize the market. Use of robotic couch top enables the delivery of more accurate and efficient radiation treatment to patients. Robotic patient positioning systems adjust the rotation of the patient in all directions and ensure an appropriate delivery of dose to the target area with high precision by preventing the surrounding tissues from getting affected
  • Manufacturers are focusing on the quality of the positioning system, using anti-rusted and anti-bacterial surface with ions of silver to ensure maximum hygiene and prevent cross contamination over surface. Even when surfaces made of these materials are scratched, their antibacterial efficacy continues to work – it will not wear away like coatings and other treatments as they exhibit interesting thermal and mechanical properties, and high chemical resistance, which is desirable in medical technology
  • Integrated patient positioning is being developed to increase the efficiency of diagnostic system and radiation therapy. Development of integrated patient positioning systems will reduce the reliability on additional accessories along with increasing its effectiveness

A global perspective unmasked

This report on the global patient positioning equipment market uncovers all the angles of the market across all important geographies. A global market representation is portrayed to enable the reader to get a detailed view of the market and devise and implement strategies basis the target audience. This report presents an in-depth analysis on the various factors present in the global market that have an influence over the market growth. Various opportunities and trends are also sketched, which will decide the future prospects in the market along with certain growth drivers that directly impact the market growth. Based on the market restraints, it would be possible to chalk out the essential detours in order to avoid loopholes in the market and establish a proper growth path for the years to come. The research study thus unmasks a holistic angle from a global standpoint.

Our research report on the global patient positioning equipment market covers a detailed segmentation with the help of which several inferences pertaining to the market growth, regional scenario, sub segment breakdown, etc., can be drawn.

By Product Type

  • Surgical Tables
  • Examination Tables
  • Stretcher Chair
  • Dental Chair

By End User

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Ambulatory Surgical Centers

By Region

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific (APAC)
  • Latin America
  • Middle East and Africa (MEA)

A unique research methodology for obtaining exceptional results

A unique research process is followed at Persistence Market Research that is used to draw conclusions with the help of accurate statistical representations. Initial phase of this research methodology involves massive secondary research that gives a direction to carry out further research based on the well-defined market taxonomy. After obtaining sufficient market understanding, primary research is carried out in which several interviews are conducted and domain experts from various regions are conversed with. Gathering data from key opinion leaders and market observers with the help of secondary intelligence can improve the accuracy of the forecasts as this data is cross verified at every instance of the primary research, thereby increasing the chances of reducing deviations and variations in the statistical analyses.

Closely observing the moves of key market players is as necessary as devising an excellent marketing plan. A separate section on the competitive dashboard is available that discusses the key market players and overall competitive landscape. Information on the various products and services (product portfolio), distribution channels, expansion in various geographies, growth strategies, marketing plans and promotion tactics, mergers and acquisitions, etc., are some of the many important aspects revolving around the key players present in the global patient positioning equipment market.

Along with the competitive analysis, the research provides intelligence on end users of patient positioning equipment. The growth in volume and sales of equipment in the global patient positioning equipment market depends upon their adoption rate in specific regions. The awareness of the services available in this market should be judged before entering that region, which can aid in taking correct and timely decisions. The decisions regarding expansion strategies can be taken effectively with the help of end user analyses given in the report.

Milestones can be achieved with the help of necessary tools. Various aspects justify the credibility of the research report – Patient Positioning Equipment Market: Global Industry Analysis 2012 – 2016 and Forecast 2017 – 2025”

  • The entire report gives credible information with an unbiased view, considering all the possible angles and giving it a holistic view
  • The report gives details about each segment present in the market with respect to all important geographies
  • The research study possess unparalleled accuracy owing to the use of a robust research methodology
  • The research on the past and the present scenario in the global market can give actionable insights on the future, a separate dedicated section on the forecasts helps the reader analyze present moves and predict future actions
  • In-depth analysis covers everything giving justice to each segment involved
  • The trends, developments, innovations, restraints and challenges impacting the global market are also covered giving a total briefing about the market and uncovering possible loopholes

Our research report on the global patient positioning equipment market provides valuable insights and the credibility of the report lies in this actionable acumen that can be used to establish a global footprint. Just a click away, the user can avail information on any segment and any region. Real-time analysis has increased the weightage of the research giving an all-inclusive angle to the market study that assists readers in chalking important corporate strategies pertaining to price, place and promotion along with regional forecasts.

Companies covered in Patient Positioning Equipment Market Report

Company Profiles

  • Allengers Medical Systems Limited
  • Medtronic Public Limited Company
  • Hill-Rom Holdings, Inc.
  • Stryker Corporation
  • Steris Plc.
  • Span America Medical Systems, Inc.
  • Skytron, LLC.
  • C-Rad AB
  • AMTAI Medical Equipment, Inc.
  • Leoni AG        
  • Elekta AB
  • OPT SurgiSystems S.R.L.
  • Blue Chip Medical Products, Inc.
  • Medifa-Hesse GmbH & Co. KG
  • Getinge AB
  • NOVAK M 
  • Transmotion Medical, Inc.
  • GF Health Products, Inc.
  • Invacare Corp
  • CDR Systems
  • Others

Patient Positioning Equipment Market

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