Automatic Sliding Door Market

Automatic Sliding Door Market: Global Industry Trend Analysis 2012 to 2017 and Forecast 2017 - 2025

Automatic Sliding Door Market Segmented By product type such as Single Sliding, Bi-Parting used in Commercial and Industrial, Residential.

Automatic Sliding Door Market: Introduction

Automatic sliding doors are the doors that open when a vehicle or a person approaches the vehicle in question and close when the vehicle or the person has passed. Automatic Sliding doors are operated via various sensors, such as photoelectric sensors, infrared sensors and others.

The infrared sensors work according to the change in temperature -- when a human approaches the automatic door, the sensor detects the changed/warmer temperature and operates the automatic sliding door. Automatic sliding door systems consist of one pair of receiver and transmitter in the back and another in the front of the door.

Single Sliding and Bi-parting are the two different types of automatic sliding doors. Further, they can be classified into Standard sliding doors, Heavy duty sliding doors (Rugged construction and used in warehouses & groceries), Ballistic sliding doors (provide protection against attacks and are generally used in Government buildings and banks) and others.

Automatic sliding doors are space saving, elegant, ideal if daylight is needed and also fulfill the optical criteria. Automatic sliding doors are most commonly found in hospitals, airports, hotels, restaurants, scientific labs and many others.

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Automatic Sliding Door Market: Dynamics

The automatic sliding door market is growing due to the growing construction industry. Given the increasing awareness about new and developed technologies that can be implemented on automatic doors, people are choosing automatic doors for safety, security and privacy purposes. Hence, the demand for automatic sliding doors is booming, which, in turn, is driving the market for automatic sliding doors.

Automatic sliding doors are easy to operate, help in reducing energy loses as well as maintaining security and are accurate, fast and cable free. These are some of the other factors increasing the demand for automatic sliding doors in various places, such as commercial and residential spaces.

Automatic sliding doors in places, such as hospitals make it possible for handicapped or patients on wheelchair to travel conveniently. They are also used to secure a particular area in hospitals and scientific labs. All of these factors are boosting the market of Automatic sliding doors. Automatic sliding doors have also been effectively employed subway train platforms in Europe and Japan to prevent any mishap on the premises for rail traffic as well as commuter safety.

Growing need for improved building efficiency and construction output is the key driver of the Automatic Sliding door Market, which is expected to see accelerated growth in coming years. In entrance automation, Bi-parting automatic sliding doors are the most preferred doors and will witness huge growth in coming years, both in terms of sales and revenue as the Bi-parting Automatic sliding doors is the preferred choice among most of the customers. Automatic sliding doors need less space and are highly convenient.

Automatic sliding doors with floor light control system are trending in the market of automatic sliding doors and will see potential growth in future as well.

Increasing investments by governments in new construction projects and the growing residential sectors will bring many opportunities in the market of automatic sliding doors.

However, high cost and the required regular maintenance of these automatic sliding doors is a restraining factor for the growth of the Automatic sliding door market.

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Automatic Sliding Door Market: Segmentation

Product Type
  • Single Sliding
  • Bi-Parting
  • Commercial and Industrial
    • Administration and Public Buildings
    • Hotels and Restaurants
    • Hospitals and Clinics
    • Shopping Centers
  • Residential
  • Other

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Automatic Sliding Door Market: Regional Outlook

Asia pacific owns a major share in the automatic sliding door market owing to increasing infrastructural expansion in developing countries, such as China and India. The market will continue to maintain its position in the coming years as well it’s home to the key manufacturers and suppliers. In North America, the market of automatic sliding doors is expanding due to huge investments by the government in the commercial sector.

In Europe, the automatic sliding door market is expected to see sizeable growth due to the implementation of energy efficient programs and legislation. Also, replacement of existing installations in the region will contribute to the market of automatic sliding doors in future.

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Automatic Sliding Door Market: Key Players

Some of the key participants identified across the value chain of the Automatic Sliding Door market are:

  • Royal Boon Edam International B.V.
  • dormakaba Holding
  • GEZE UK Ltd.
  • STANLEY Access Technologies LLC.
  • Entrematic Group AB
  • PORTALP Automatic Doors
  • Rite-Hite
  • Gilgen Door Systems AG

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