Automatic Number Plate Recognition System Market

Global Market Study on Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Systems: Growing Popularity of Smart Parking Creating New Market Opportunities

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) System Market Segmented By fixed ANPR and mobile ANPR type for traffic surveillance, parking management, toll management, highway security


Rising number of road accidents due to the breaking of traffic rules has compelled law enforcement agencies to implement safety measures and set up strict management systems. Traffic departments across various countries are installing automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) systems for ensuring traffic safety and mobility. ANPR systems enable free-flowing traffic that results in low financial loss and faster mobility. Information collected from the ANPR cameras can be used for various applications, such as speed control, journey time management, tolling, and congestion charging. Due to such widespread adoption of these systems for traffic surveillance applications, the automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system market size is expected to expand at a high rate.

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  • Jenoptik
  • Siemens
  • Kapsch TrafficCom
  • Blue Star Limited
  • Sensys Gatso
  • Bosch Security Systems, Inc.
  • Genetec Inc.
  • PlateSmart Technologies
  • Vaxtor Technologies
  • AllGoVision Technologies Pvt. Ltd
  • Amplicon Liveline
  • RoadPixel
  • titanHz
  • Tattile s.r.l.
  • Tensor plc
  • A&H Software House, Inc. (Luxriot)
  • ARH Inc.
  • Globe Protection Ltd.
  • CathexisVision
  • CARRIDA Technologies

Rising Demand for ANPR Systems for Smart Parking

Automatic number plate systems provide high-speed traffic management at parking areas, the ability to automate access control systems with a setup of ticket-free system, providing new and more efficient law enforcement. ANPR cameras are mounted at a higher mounting location to assure a wider field view of the whole parking lot, so that the vehicle license plate number is captured using cameras on entering or exiting the premises. ANPR cameras are integrated with vehicle parking management systems that contain the record of entrance and exit timing information of the authorized vehicle, along with parking location and owner’s information. If any car in the parking is damaged by another car, the information about the vehicle and the liable person who has damaged the parked car in the parking lot can be found from the system records. For overcoming such challenges, their adoption is increasing for smart parking, boosting the growth of the automatic number plate recognition system market.

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Increasing Demand for Mobile ANPR Aiding Market Growth

Mobile ANPR systems have the latest gen featuring sensors that scan up to 60 license plates per second, both, rear and font, under all the light conditions. These mobile ANPR systems are a smart solution to prevent road accidents, as they provide a tireless watchful eye on the road, since they are installed in specific vehicles used by intelligence services or emergency services to support protection and surveillance operations.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition System Market

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Regional Outlook of Automatic Number Plate Recognition System Market

North America has the largest automatic number plate recognition system market share, due to it being widely adopted for parking management purposes, such as traffic surveillance, smart parking, and toll collection. Moreover, rapid adoption of ANPR technology for vehicle parking is also increasing adoption in the technology commercial space across Europe, East Asia, and South Asia & Pacific.

Rapid and extended economic growth in Asia Pacific and increasingly sophisticated security and surveillance technologies are transforming the global landscape of various government agencies, security agencies, and law enforcement agencies, who are increasing using the services of ANPR systems.

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Automatic Number Plate Recognition System Market – Competition Landscape

Innovation of new products and strategic partnerships are key strategies being followed by top companies in the automatic number plate recognition system market, to enhance their business revenue. Manufacturers in the ANPR system market space are focusing on innovation in products/services to increase their market share.

Some of the leading players in the ANPR system market are Siemens, Kapsch TrafficCom, Blue Star Limited, Sensys Gatso, Bosch Security Systems, Inc., Genetec Inc., PlateSmart Technologies, Vaxtor Technologies, AllGoVision Technologies Pvt. Ltd, and Amplicon Liveline, RoadPixel, besides a few others.

Analysts’ Viewpoint

The automatic number plate recognition system market in North America is anticipated to be the most dominating regional market over the forecast period. The ANPR system market is projected to increase almost threefold over the next ten years, providing abundant opportunities for stakeholders across the world.



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