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Journalist Resources

The following is a compilation of resources made available by the PMR Press Team for journalists.


What can the PMR Press Team provide?

The PMR Press Team can provide expert articles or features (bylined) on a wide range of industries. The article can also be customized according to your needs, such as providing a detailed analysis of a specific regional market. We can also provide exact figures and analysis to be added in your story. Interviews with PMR analysts can also be arranged through the Press Team.

Does PMR provide past market data?

Most PMR reports encompass a review of the historical trajectory of the market in question. If you want historical data about a particular market, please get in touch with us for more information at

Do PMR analysts provide editorial or feature articles?

Yes, PMR analysts can provide such content on request. Please get in touch with us for more

How can I arrange an interview with a PMR analyst?

Please refer to the Press Contacts section please get in touch with us at PMR encourages direct relationships between analysts and journalists.

Why does PMR not provide its full research for public viewing?

Providing free access to all of our research is not feasible due to the significant resources—financial as well as intellectual—spent on procuring and collating it. Our analysts spend days, sometimes weeks, in research to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the data. The selectiveness in releasing market research is necessary to protect this investment.

Attribution and Copyrights

All market intelligence, analysis, and data published by Persistence Market Research come under the purview of copyright law. Quotations taken from PMR’s reports must be attributed to the original report. Please get in touch with us at to procure a quotation from PMR. Any press release referencing Persistence Market Research requires written or electronic approval from an authorized PMR spokesperson.

Logo Design Description

The logo of Persistence Market Research is a representation of the company and must, whenever used, be used with no modifications.

The PMR logo consists of the name of the company written in capital letters, with a solitary red ‘I’ in lower case. The word ‘PERSISTENCE’ dominates the logo, with ‘MARKET RESEARCH’ written underneath it. Black arcs towards the right and blue arcs towards the left comprise an apparent ellipse around the words.

The ellipse represents the comprehensive research our analysts perform while compiling any report, The dominance of the word ‘PERSISTENCE’ represents the in-depth research that our analysts perform, The conspicuous ‘I’ represents the insightful nature of our market analysis.

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