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Global Market Study on Fruit Puree: High Demand Growth Expected from Infant Food Industry

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Rising demand for food products with longer shelf life, coupled with increasing demand for seasonal products across the year, is supporting growth of the fruit puree market. Persistence Market Research’s report analyses the various applications of fruit puree in the food & beverage industry. It can used as a base for bakery fillings in tarts, Danish pastries, sweet pies, and many more bakery food products. Fruit puree is also widely used in the production of mousses and cheesecakes. It can be added in jams and syrups to develop a particular flavor, and can be mixed with juices and drinks to create a unique blend. Manufacturers are turning to fruit puree as a multifunctional ingredient to deliver benefits such as flavor extension and nutritional properties, which, in turn, is driving demand for fruit puree across regions.

The report also gets into the details why conventional fruit puree is still highly sought-after as compared to the organic variants, and why Europe is the leading regional market in this space. It also details the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the sales of fruit puree, and what future trends will look like.

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  • Company Profile
    • David Berryman Ltd.
    • Newberry International Produce Ltd
    • SVZ Industrial Fruit & Vegetable Ingredients
    • Kiril Mischeff
    • Kanegrade
    • Go Fruselva S.L.
    • Ingredion Incorporated
    • Kiril Mische
    • Symrise AG
    • Lemonconcentrate S.L.U.
    • Shimlahills
    • ABC Fruits
    • Ariza b.v.
    • Exotic Fruits Pvt. Ltd.

Future Outlook Much Brighter than Previous Years                         

From the years 2015 to 2019, shipments of fruit puree grew 4.8%. Increased adaption of fruit puree as a multifunctional ingredient, delivering benefits such as flavor extension and nutritional properties, by a majority of key players operating in the food & beverage industry is one of the key driving factors for the market.

Increasing consumer preference for easy and convenient foods can prove to be another promising factor for the growth of the fruit puree market in the near future. Rapid urbanization, lack of time to cook, high disposable income, and busy lifestyles are factors leading to increased penetration of ready-to-consume food products as an essential part of consumers’ diets. Over the next ten years, this industry is projected to expand at an impressive CAGR of close to 7%.

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How will Increasing Usage of Natural & Organic Ingredients Impact Demand for Fruit Puree?

Fruits are considered to be nutritionally rich food across the globe. Fruits and fruit ingredients are widely used by food & beverage manufacturers as well as directly consumed by consumers. With increasing awareness about health, consumer demand for natural & organic food and food ingredients is increasing all across the world. The words “natural” and “organic” are trending in the global food & beverage industry, which is expected to benefit growth of the global fruit puree market. Following consumer demand trends, manufacturers of food & beverage products are also focusing on the use of natural and organic ingredients in their final products, which is fueling demand for natural and organic fruit puree.

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A key factor for our unrivaled market research accuracy is our expert- and data-driven research methodologies. We combine an eclectic mix of experience, analytics, machine learning, and data science to develop research methodologies that result in a multi-dimensional, yet realistic analysis of a market.

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Is Rising Health Consciousness Surging Demand for Fruit Puree?

Health and wellness is a trend that is expected to be the fundamental driver for change in the global food & beverage industry over the coming years. Consumers are shifting toward the consumption of food & beverages that meet the increasingly nuanced attributes of health and wellness, ethics, and sustainability. Healthy eating is becoming more mainstream, owing to rising health consciousness among consumers.

Functional ingredients such as fruit puree are expected to dominate the food & beverage industry over the forecast period. Consumers are becoming more educated on the benefits of healthier choices, leading to a surge in demand for products that meet multiple dietary requirements.

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Are Emerging Sugar-free & Clean Label Movements Complementing Fruit Puree Sales?

Consumer demand for clean label and sugar-free fruit products and ingredients is increasing dramatically. Rising urbanization, pollution, and busy lifestyles are degrading human health. Thus, demand for healthy and nutritional products is increasing to maintain health and wellness. Besides, rising number of fitness freaks is further fueling the growth of clean label and sugar-free products. Thus, manufacturers of food & beverage products are also using sugar-free and clean label ingredients in the manufacturing of their products. These factors are expected to fuel demand for clean label and sugar-free fruit puree products.

Will the ‘Organic' Trend Create Growth Opportunity for Fruit Puree?

The organic food market is expected to experience significant growth in terms of sales volume in several segments, owing to increasing number of consumers looking for natural foods produced in a sustainable way. Key players operating in the fruit puree manufacturing industry are expected to target the organic segment to ensure a strong position in the global market. Manufacturers are focused on establishing a framework for an initiative to develop and support the growth of organic fruit puree in the organic food market.

The organic trend has already been recognized by a majority of fruit puree manufacturers and suppliers, who are investing huge amounts for organic production and certification. Key players are carrying out all their manufacturing processes in compliance with various industrial standards to deal with specific requirements applying to fruit purees in different countries, which has created more opportunities for those operating in the global fruit puree market space.

What are the Key Challenges Faced by Fruit Puree Manufacturers?

APAC and Latin American countries are at the forefront of the production of fruits. Excessive production of fruits and puree in these regions enables countries here to export fruit puree to the developed markets of North America and Europe. North America, in particular, is an import-dominant region for processed fruit products such as fruit concentrates, fruit purees, and IQF fruits. However, many developed markets of North America and Europe are trying to restrict the amount of imported fruit purees to curb the supply of low-quality and cheap products from other nations.

Various factors such as increasing import duties, anti-dumping duties, changing regulations, and others are strengthening import barriers that could affect the global supply of fruit puree. These regulatory challenges may prevent the fruit puree industry from reaching its full potential over the coming years.

Fruit Puree Market

Country-wise Analysis

Why is the U.S. a Big Market for Fruit Puree?

Until 2019, fruit puree sales across the U.S. witnessed a value CAGR of approximately 5%, to reach US$ 3 Bn. The U.S. market is also set to acquire a sales volume of 1,543,527 tons in 2030. In established markets, consumers are more inclined toward buying value-added products, preferably with natural ingredients, organic, plant-based, and other alternatives that are increasingly becoming a part of their healthy diets. The U.S. dominates the fruit puree market in North America, owing to increased adoption of healthy and natural ingredients by food & beverage manufacturers in the country.  

Is the Indian Fruit Puree Sector Marking its Presence Globally?

Demand for processed and packaged food products is expected to increase at a robust growth rate, owing to rapidly increasing and highly urbanized population in developing economies. The Indian fruit puree market is growing at a high value CAGR of around 9%, owing to the influx of international cafes and bakery chains that are increasingly becoming popular in the country. Adoption of Western culture, increasing purchasing power, and rise of local home bakers serving different consumer appetites for indulgence are expected to push the sales of natural ingredients such as fruit puree in the country.

Why is Fruit Puree in Brazil Set to Experience High Value Sales?

Brazil is one of the world’s largest processed food exporter, and also one the largest producers of passion fruit, orange, banana, and other fruits. Brazil dominates the production of orange and processed orange products, globally. Promising economic outcomes, technological advancements in the farming of fruits, increased demand for fruit products, and expanding local production of fruit puree due to the wide availability of fruits are factors contributing toward high growth rate of the fruit puree market in the country.

Why is France Witnessing Significant CAGR in the Fruit Puree Space?

Increased awareness about health consciousness has compelled manufacturers operating in the food industry to include natural ingredients in their products. With fruit puree emerging as a natural substitute to different synthetic ingredients in food & beverage products, along with enhancing flavor and sweetness, demand is expected to witness an upsurge during the forecast period, at a value CAGR of around 8%.

Competition Landscape

Persistence Market Research has profiled the following prominent fruit puree manufacturers in its report:

  • Kiril Mischeff
  • Ingredion Incorporated
  • SVZ Industrial Fruit & Vegetable Ingredients
  • Symrise AG
  • Grünewald Fruchtsaft GmbH
  • Newberry International Produce Limited
  • Lemonconcentrate S.L.U.
  • Shimlahills
  • Ariza b.v.
  • Go Fruselva S.L.
  • ABC Fruits
  • David Berryman Ltd.
  • Exotic Fruits Pvt. Ltd.
  • Kanegrade


Key players engaged in production and supply activities in the fruit processing industry are focusing on the adoption of different expansion strategies such as acquisitions, partnerships, joint ventures, and product launches, to create more space in the fruit puree market. These key players are continuously taking efforts to fulfill ever-increasing consumer demand for processed fruits offered in smaller portions and customized to individual diet needs.

  • In 2020, SVZ Industrial Fruit & Vegetable Ingredients expanded its product portfolio with the launch of its new gold kiwi puree. The product offered a wide range of applications in dairy, ice cream, and smoothies, helping manufacturers to differentiate their offerings and explore new, tasty flavors.
  • In 2017, Symrise AG completed the acquisition of Cobell Ltd., a producer and supplier of fruit ingredients. This acquisition strengthened the company’s position in the British market for beverages. It also enhanced the company’s product portfolio with added natural flavors.

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Key Companies Profiled

  • Kiril Mischeff
  • Ingredion Incorporated
  • SVZ Industrial Fruit & Vegetable Ingredients
  • Symrise AG
  • Grünewald Fruchtsaft GmbH
  • Newberry International Produce Limited
  • Lemonconcentrate S.L.U.
  • Shimlahills
  • Ariza b.v.
  • Go Fruselva S.L.
  • ABC Fruits
  • David Berryman Ltd.
  • Exotic Fruits Pvt. Ltd.
  • Kanegrade

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  • Is the fruit puree market research conducted by Persistence Market Research?

Yes, the fruit puree market report has been compiled by expert analysts of Persistence Market Research, through a combination of primary and secondary research. To know more about how the research was conducted, you can speak to a research analyst.

  • What research methodology is followed by Persistence Market Research?

Persistence Market Research follows a methodology that encompasses the demand-side assessment of the market, and triangulates the same through a supply-side analysis. This methodology is based on the use of standard market structure, methods, and definitions.

  • Who are the respondents for primary research?

Persistence Market Research speaks to stakeholders across the spectrum, including C-level executives, distributors, product manufacturers, and industry experts. For a full list of primary respondents, please reach out to us.

  • What are the sources of secondary research?

Persistence Market Research conducts extensive secondary research through proprietary databases, paid databases, and information available in the public domain. We refer to industry associations, company press releases, annual reports, investor presentations, and research papers. More information about desk research is available upon request

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Key Questions Answered in Report

  • How will the fruit puree market expand until 2030?

Persistence Market Research projects the global fruit puree market to register a CAGR of close to 7% across the 2020-2030 assessment period. Appealing versatility of fruit puree in food & beverages is expected to drive demand.

  • Which is the largest market for fruit purees?

As per Persistence Market Research’s projections, Europe is expected to pivot expansion, attributed to increased penetration of convenience products as staple and ready-to-go food in this region, due to the fast-paced life of consumers. A volume CAGR of close to 6% is projected for the region.

  • Who are the leading players in fruit puree market?

Prominent players operating in the global fruit puree landscape include Kiril Mischeff, Ingredion Incorporated, SVZ Industrial Fruit & Vegetable Ingredients, Symrise AG, Grünewald Fruchtsaft GmbH, Newberry International Produce Limited, Lemonconcentrate S.L.U., Ariza b.v., Shimlahills, ABC Fruits, and others.

Key Segments Covered of Fruit Puree Market


  • Apple
  • Banana
  • Strawberry
  • Mango
  • Guava
  • Passion fruit
  • Cranberry
  • Blueberry
  • Cherry
  • Blackcurrant
  • Others


  • Organic
  • Conventional


  • Bakery
  • Infant Food
  • Dairy & Desserts
  • Dressings & Sauces
  • Beverages
  • Others


  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • East Asia
  • South Asia
  • Oceania
  • Middle East & Africa (MEA)

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