Gardening Tools Market to Witness Short-Term Revenue Loss during COVID-19 Outbreak, Positive Outlook for Long Term, Says PMR

Date : Apr 24, 2020 Author : PMR Editorial Staff

The COVID-19 global pandemic is largely impacting the food and agricultural sector.

The COVID-19 global pandemic is largely impacting the food and agricultural sector. Prompt actions are being taken by the authorities to keep the supply chain intact to avoid any crisis in the coming future. Production of food stock has become a primary necessity in the current crisis compelling the consumers to find ways for their food supply. With disruptions across all the industries the gardening and agricultural equipment involved in different agricultural practices are expected to feel the heat. People are retorting to their kitchen gardens to produce vegetables and other eatables for their daily use.

Kitchen Gardens Raise Demand

Kitchen gardens are witnessing a surge in activities owing to the assurance of the uninfected yield. They are eyed as a self-sufficient medium where the producer does not need to step out of their houses in this atmosphere of pandemonium. Besides having a personal source of food supply, the lockdown period is driving the people towards gardening activities. The gardening enthusiasts are utilizing this house arrest time by doing creative activities in their gardens. Such scenarios have significantly escalated the demand for gardening tools.

DIY Trends Propel Growth

Owing to the continued lockdown situation, people are rapidly adopting gardening as a hobby. The surge in the DIY trend amongst people acts as a growth lever in the market. With an increase in craving for creativity, the demand for versatile equipment with ergonomic designs has significantly surged. Gardening has emerged as a family activity where all the family members engage in one common goal. Moreover, gardens are the only outdoors in households during the COVID-19 pandemic, making them a very frequently visited place. This surge is propelling the adoption of gardening tools used in the cleaning of the garden area.

Ease of Use Enhances the Adoption Rate of Advanced Tools

PMR projects ergonomics gardening equipment to gain major traction in the coming days owing to its ease of use and comfort offered to people with health ailments such as arthritis. Gardening activities tend to be labor-intensive with a high probability of injuries. To avoid any unpleasant experience, people are expected to prefer ergonomic agricultural equipment.

The surge in fatality and morbidity is escalating the consumption of agricultural produce. People are defying the use of processed food in the light of transmitting corona virus. This growing preference plays a major role in the scaling demand for agricultural and gardening tools.

Garden Mowers Generate Major Revenue

The market for gardening tools such as the ride in mowers is projected to witness a spike in adoption rate during the lockdown period. With people confined in the perimeters of their homes, improvement, and maintenance of the garden has become a prime focus. Such developments raise demand for tools like ride-in-mowers in the residential sector. On the contrary, the commercial ride-on mower sector will witness a very minimal growth owing to the lockdown and workforce shortage. The closed schools and other institutional institutions that hold large gardens will have a major impact on the decline in the business of gardening tools. The use of gardening tools in public gardens will also witness a sharp decline during shut down.

A steep fall has been witnessed in retail sales of these gardening tools, severely impacting the market growth. Online distribution channels have surfaced as major revenue grosser in the market during the COIVD-19 pandemic. Besides home delivery, online stores are preferred as they offer a variety of options to select from. PMR projects the revenue generated by the online sources to deplete with growing restrictions on the delivery of non-essential products.

Production Halts during COVID-19 Pandemic

The manufacturing and production of gardening tools are undergoing a stagnant phase where these activities have stopped due to manpower shortage. This is anticipated to inversely impact the market revenue. America is expected to account for a major depression in the growth graph owing to augmenting cases of corona virus in the region, compelling the consumers to stay in their homes.

PMR expects the gardening tools market to experience short term depression in revenue which will attain its figures after the normal economic activities resume. With the absence of major commercial demand, the market will experience a moderate impact owing to supply chain disruptions.