Growing Electronics and Electric Vehicle Industry to Propel Demand for Electrodeposited Copper Foils, Says Persistence Market Research

Published On : Mar 15, 2021

Printed circuit boards hold a prominent share in terms of consumption of electrodeposited copper foils, resulting in high demand for consumer electronics manufacturing. Electrodeposited copper foils are also used in a wide range of applications such as EMI shielding, batteries, switchgear, and others. With demand for electronics and electric vehicles set to increase over the coming years, the market outlook for electrodeposited copper foils is positive.

As per Persistence Market Research’s revised analysis, the global electrodeposited copper foils market is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of close to 10% over the forecast period of 2021-2031.

Key Takeaways from Market Study

  • <20 μm thick electrodeposited copper foils account for a prominent share in the market, and are expected to continue their dominance over the forecast period.
  • Printed circuit boards is the most attractive application with the highest market share, followed by batteries and switchgear, owing to high production of consumers electronics such as televisions, computers, smartphone, and others.
  • Growing demand for lithium-ion batteries in automotive vehicles and rising production of hybrid electric vehicles are factors expected to drive demand for printed circuit boards, and thereby, bolster demand for electrodeposited copper foils.
  • China dominates the global market, and is expected to expand at the highest rate owing to its rising automotive and electrical & electronics.
  • East Asia holds a significant market share, backed by the huge electronics industry in China (including Taiwan), Japan, and South Korea.
  • With the onset of COVID-19, the market saw a dip in 2020, and progressed at a sluggish rate of 4.2%. Things look better for 2021, with the growth rate predicted to be over 9%.

“The market for printed circuit boards experienced significant growth in the last few years, owing to continuous demand for use in consumer electronics and hybrid vehicles, which has boosted the consumption of electrodeposited copper foils, says a Persistence Market Research analyst.

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Market Landscape Continues to Remain Fairly Consolidated

This market is fairly consolidated at global and regional levels. Some leading players included in the report are Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd, JX Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation, Jiangxi Copper Corporation, Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd, Nan Ya Plastics Corp., Arcotech Ltd., Kingboard Copper Foil Holdings Ltd, Guangdong Chaohua Technology Co., Ltd., Chang Chun Group, Co-Tech Development Corp., ILJIN MATERIALS CO, LTD., Circuit Foil, Suzhou Fukuda Metal Co., Ltd., LingBao Wason Copper Foil Co., Ltd., Targray Technology International, Inc., Shandong Jinbao Electronics Co., Ltd., Solus Advanced Materials, SKC Ltd. and others. To gain a competitive advantage in the market, participants are involved in expansion, merger, and acquisition activities.


Demand for electrodeposited copper foils is expected to grow at a high rate owing to increasing consumption in printed circuit boards. Battery application is anticipated to witness the highest growth amongst all other applications. East Asia is projected to hold a prominent share, followed by North America and South Asia Pacific. China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan are the major target locations for the supply of electrodeposited copper foils for manufacturers. The market is fairly consolidated in nature, with a small number of tier-1 players accounting for significant share.

Want to Know More?

Persistence Market Research, a research and consulting firm has published a market research report on the electrodeposited copper foils market that contains global industry analysis of 2016–2020 and opportunity assessment for 2021–2031. The report provides in-depth analysis of the market through different segments, namely, thickness, application, and region. The report also provides supply and demand trends, along with an overview of the parent market.

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Electrodeposited Copper Foils Market

Global Market Study on Electrodeposited Copper Foils: High Demand for Application in Printed Circuit Boards

Electrodeposited Copper Foils Market