Autogenous Vaccines Market to Grow 1.5X by 2029; Impetus on Back of Rapid Adoption in Livestock Industry

  • Published On : Jan 24, 2020

Inadequacy of vaccines to combat increasing rare infectious diseases in livestock and companion animals is the key driving factor aiding the growth of the autogenous vaccines market. Autogenous vaccines are an efficient alternative to antibiotics that control and prevent infectious diseases. Improvements in animal health, decreased animal suffering, efficient food production, and reduction in the need for antibiotics are boosting the adoption of autogenous vaccines in the livestock industry. Increasing animal care spending and research & development activities in the veterinary biologics sector further favours the growth of the autogenous vaccines market.

The global autogenous vaccines market was valued at US$ 428 Mn in 2018, and is expected to witness a CAGR of 4.4% over the forecast period (2019–2029).

Key Takeaways of Autogenous Vaccines Market Study

  • Bacterial strain type contributes more than 3/4 share in the autogenous vaccines market, owing to increasing rare bacterial infections among livestock and companion animals.
  • Veterinary hospitals account for half of the value share in the global autogenous vaccines market, attributed to increase in the number of veterinary hospitals and rising government funding for animal healthcare.
  • Increasing research activities in the veterinary medicine & biologics industry in the United States and rising animal healthcare expenditure have contributed to the dominance of North America in the global autogenous vaccines market.
  • Attributed to growing awareness regarding zoonotic diseases and increasing funding for animal disease eradication, China, Brazil, and India are expected to offer notable growth opportunities for the autogenous vaccines market.

“Unavailability of licensed vaccines for bacterial and viral infections in animals has directed the focus of several small & large manufactures to invest in the manufacturing of autogenous vaccines, thereby propelling the growth of the autogenous vaccines market,” says a PMR analyst.

Product Portfolio Expansion through Partnerships - Key Strategy of Leading Autogenous Vaccine Manufacturers

Autogenous vaccine manufacturers are focusing on product portfolio expansion through partnerships with and acquisition of small veterinary biologics manufactures. For example, in 2018, Huvepharma acquired AgriLabs, to expand its presence in the U.S. and speed up the commercialization of biologic products for animal health. The acquisition included AgriLabs's custom vaccines business. Moreover, in 2017, Pharmgate and Cambridge Technologies entered into a strategic alliance to provide commercial, autogenous, and prescription vaccine solutions to veterinarians.

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More Valuable Insights on Autogenous Vaccines Market

Persistence Market Research offers a unique perspective and actionable insights on autogenous vaccines in its latest study, presenting historical demand assessment from 2014–2018 and projections for 2019–2029, on the basis of strain type (bacterial strain and virus strain), and end user (veterinary clinics, veterinary hospitals, and veterinary research institutes), across seven major regions.

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