Global Market Study on Managed File Transfer Software and Service: Superiority of MFT over FTP Boosting Revenue Growth

Managed File Transfer Service Market
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This Persistence Market Research report examines the global managed file transfer software and service market for the period 2017–2025. Managed file transfer is a fast, secure, reliable, and transparent way of exchanging heavy or a large number of files inside or between the organizations.

A well-defined report structure for ease of understanding of this dynamic market

In order to have an ease of understanding and for the better organization of the report, the report on global managed file transfer software and service market has been divided into four distinct parts. The first part of the report contains the introduction section that contains the executive summary of the report along with the market taxonomy and the definition of managed file transfer. This valuable section of the report also contains information on the value chain analysis of the global managed file transfer software and service market. In addition, the macroeconomic factors affecting the global managed file transfer software and service market along with the opportunity analysis for this market are also provided in this section of the report. Also, in this section of the report, the market dynamics of the global managed file transfer software and service market in the form of drivers, restraints and trends are given to offer a deep understanding of this market.

The second part of the report contains the global managed file transfer software and service market analysis and forecast by software, service, vertical and by region. This section of the report contains important market numbers in the form of market attractiveness index, incremental dollar opportunity and basis point share analysis. The third part of the report contains the regional managed file transfer software and service market analysis and the regions are chosen as per the market taxonomy. In this section of the report, the regional market numbers are discussed in great detail.

Competition landscape dwells deep into the competition prevalent in this market

Another part of the report features the competition landscape of the global managed file transfer software and service market and has information on the key players operating in this market. The competition landscape contains detailed information on the important companies operating in the global managed file transfer software and service market in the form of company description, product overview, key developments, strategic overview and key financials of each of the featured companies along with the SWOT analysis of the companies. This competition landscape is a valuable part of the report as it contains all the necessary information to study the leading companies operating in the global managed file transfer software and service market in detail and also reveals how they implement their strategies and vision to stay at top in this highly competitive market.

A super effective research methodology for achieving accuracy

Overall market size has been analysed through historical data, primary responses, and public domain data. Revenue of companies in the global managed file transfer software and service market has been benchmarked to ascertain the market size for the base year. Macroeconomic indicators such as GDP and industry growth have been considered to forecast the market size over the forecast period. The historical growth trend of end-use industries, market participants’ performance, as well as the present macro-economic outlook has been taken into consideration for estimating the overall market trend forecast. This data is then validated using the triangulation method and is extensively scrutinised using advanced tools to garner quantitative and qualitative insights into the global managed file transfer software and service market. 

Market Taxonomy

By Software

  • System-centric File Transfer
  • People-centric File Transfer
  • Extreme File Transfer

By Service

  • Implementation and Integration Service
  • Consulting Service
  • Maintenance Service

By Vertical

  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecommunication
  • Banking, Financial Service & Insurance (BFSI)
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Others

By Region

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Asia Pacific Excluding Japan
  • Western Europe
  • Japan
  • Eastern Europe
  • Middle East and Africa

There is a need to share files in order to carry out various types of business transactions in various industries. Conventionally, file sharing can be done by using email or File Transfer Protocol (FTP). However, the drawback with such types of methods is that such methods cannot be easily monitored and governed. There are often question marks on the issues of security concerning the confidential files, who have received such kind of files and when. In order to manage such kind of issues in the arena of file sharing, there is a much more secured way, named as Managed File Transfer (MFT).

The concept of Managed File Transfer is efficiency and total security

By using Managed File Transfer (MFT), files can be shared in a secure manner. MFT software is designed to aid organizations with the growing types of compliances, security and system requirements in order to distribute data. Managed File Transfer (MFT) works by employing a network in order to transfer files from one system to another. During the process of transfer of files in MFT, data is under file encryption and various other security features in order to maintain the privacy and integrity of the file. This dissuades the hackers on the internet from attempting to gain control and access to the contents of files. Since conventional data sharing methods such as File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and email cannot be easily controlled or governed, MFT becomes an invaluable tool to ensure the security of the files being transferred and increasing of the accountability in the users who transfer and receive such files.

The basic principle on which the Managed File Transfer system works and protects data is by giving users control over the access. There may be different ways in which access control is managed and differs over secure file transfer products. However, the most common way is that there is a shared code between the source of the file transfer and the receiver of that particular file. This shared code can be in the form of a simple password or more complex in the form of an identity and access management (IAM) system. This secret code is used to scramble the file before it is being transferred from the source. Once the receiver of the file gets the file transferred, the file is then subsequently decrypted by the computer of the receiver by using the same secret code.

The wide-ranging capabilities of managed file transfer

MFT has the ability to ensure dependable file transfer solutions in order to preserve the confidential nature of their vital information while it is being transported through various digital platforms. This sets apart the MFT system from other conventional file transfer systems such as FTP. The various benefits of suing MFT include assisting organizations to set standards on compliance, control and protection that is involved in transfer of files. MFT also provides the facility of providing auditing capabilities that other file transfer systems don’t provide. MFT also possesses high tech capabilities that give automated storage and removal abilities from the depository to ensure compliance with the guidelines for data preservation. MFT also increases the capabilities and productivity of the organizations.


Drivers boosting the growth of Global Managed File Transfer Software and Service Market

There are several reasons for a rapid increase in the global managed file transfer software and service market popularity. Some of the reasons are increasing rate of cybercrimes, increasing amount of information that needs to be transferred, growing need for the control of data and an increase in the popularity of trends like BYOD. In addition, with the expansion of facilities like online banking, increasing incidences of theft of devices and information, hacking, phishing, etc. the need for a secure system to manage the transfer of information. The online banking system is rapidly expanding both in the developing and developed economies, which is boosting the market for managed file transfer. Also, there is a great need in banking, financial institutions and defense organizations to transfer data and sensitive information in a safe and secure manner. This is also expected to fuel the demand for global managed file transfer software and services market. In addition, MFT aids in avoiding data loss during file transfers and this encourages the adoption of MFT by financial, defense, telecom, manufacturing, entertainment and various other sectors. Currently, there is a growing popularity of cloud-based Managed File Transfer solutions and this sector is poised to demonstrate excellent growth opportunities in the coming years.

Company Profile

  • The Axway Inc.
  • IBM Corporation.
  • Oracle Corporation.
  • Software AG.
  • CA Technologies Inc.
  • GlobalSCAPE Inc.
  • Wipro Limited.
  • SWIFT.
  • Micro Focus (Attachmate),
  • Signiant Inc.
  • Other.
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