Global Market Study on Intelligent Vending Machines: Malls and Retail Stores End Use Segment to Reach a Market Valuation of over US$ 3 Bn by 2025 End

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Adoption of intelligent vending machines enhancing growth of the retail sector

The technological advancements are taking place all over the world, be it any industry. This has made the machines more consumer friendly. The new technologies are equipped with features that are integrated keeping in mind the consumers and their needs. The advancements have also taken place in the vending machines market. The new generation of vending machines are more consumer friendly and offers features like face and voice recognition. These machines are known as intelligent vending machines.  It helps in guiding the consumers better by displaying detailed information of the products.

These machines are used widely in the retail sector. It is used with a view to attract more customers to the retail stores. This move has helped the retail sector grow better and in turn driving the sales of intelligent vending machines, especially in U.S.

There are a lot of other features which are associated with the intelligent vending machines and have helped the market to grow. As the Americans are experiencing increasing health issues like obesity, cancer, and many other diseases, they are more concerned about their health and the food they eat. They try and maintain a balanced diet for a healthy living. Thus, there is an increasing need for providing the product information even by the vending machines and intelligent vending machines have the capability to display relevant information of products. The governments of the countries in the North American region, such as the U.S., Canada, are primarily focusing on providing all the nutritional information to customers for the food and beverages available through vending machine. The governments have started executing laws for maintaining consumer awareness about food products. These government regulations are resulting in rising popularity and deployment of intelligent vending machines in the region.

Security and privacy issues observed in the intelligent vending machines market

The advancements in the technology of intelligent machines market has also introduced it to security and privacy related concerns. The retail industry needs to make sure that the consumer data is safe and secure. It needs to remain protected and accessible by authorized workers operating these intelligent vending machines, and no information is approved or destroyed without proper authorization. Also, with the increasing usage of personally-owned smartphones and tablets by consumers for making payments using e-Wallets or credit-debit cards as they move from location to location, there is always a risk associated with it owing to chances of network system failures, system hacking, outsourcing of private information of the consumers, such as credit card and debit card details, etc. Yet the convenience associated with smart payment systems has attracted a lot of people towards use of intelligent vending machines. Consumers are increasingly preferring such payment options due to smartphone applications for payment, and improvised security in such payment modules. Due to this factor, retailers are also focusing on delivering smart payment options to customers to increase the sale of their products, and increase customer retention ratio.

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Regional analysis of end users in the global intelligent vending machines market

According to the research analysis in a report by PMR, North America is expected to dominate the global intelligent vending machines market. The North American market witnesses that the commercial and corporate areas hold a market share of around US$ 408 Mn in 2017, reaching a value of over US$ 1,500 Mn by the end of the assessment year. The end user segment at the second position in North America’s intelligent vending machine market is mall and retail stores that holds a market share of over US$ 318 Mn in 2017, which is expected to reach a value of above US$ 1,000 Mn by the end of forecast year.

A research that examines the global and regional perspective of intelligent vending machines

Persistence Market Research has come up with a new exhaustive research report on the global intelligent vending machines market, which is being titled ‘Intelligent Vending Machines
Market: Global Industry Analysis (2012-2016) and Forecast (2017-2025)’.
This research report is created with an intention to serve people who are dealing in any sector of the vending machines market by giving them the market forecast for the years 2017-2025, along with a historical view of the market for the period 2012-2016. The report also consists of key drivers that are driving the market growth, restraints that are limiting the market and also the trends that are following the market.

The report gives a complete overview of the global intelligent vending machines, which can help the businesses that are looking for opportunities to invest in the market and also expand in the lucrative segments of the market. The report consists of a systematic segmentation that bifurcates the market into different parts for easy understanding and analysis of a huge market. Another important part of the market is a section dedicated to the competitive landscape of the global intelligent vending machines. It briefs the profiles of key market players currently operating in the industry. It includes their current progress as well as the future strategies. This can be of great help to the business competing these key players in the market and also the new entrants who are looking for ways to stand out of the crowd in the global intelligent vending machines market.

Segmentation of the global intelligent vending machines market

  • By Product Type
    • Soft Drinks
    • Hot Drinks
    • Snack and Food
    • Combination (Food and Beverages)
  • By End Users
    • Commercial and Corporate Areas
    • Public Premises
    • QSR (Quick Service Restaurants)
    • Malls and Retail Stores
  • By Region
    • North America
    • Latin America
    • Europe
    • MEA
    • APAC

A research methodology that upshots accurate results

This research report involves critical analysis of the market and a vast study by the industry experts and analysts. The methodology includes an in-depth secondary research which will help in determining the key players, the market size etc. This is followed by accumulation of data from various sources like company websites, annual reports_bk_01_01_2020, white papers etc. PMR also conducts expert interviews that adds a great value to the report.

All the data that is collected in the research report is goes through a triangular method of validation in which the primary, secondary and PMR analysis contribute to the final data. The data is also scrutinized using research tools to obtain qualitative and quantitative insights about the global market.

Following are the assumptions made while creating this research report

  • It excludes the consideration of yearly changes in inflation rates while forecasting market numbers
  • Market numbers for each product category are assessed using a top-down approach
  • Market numbers and end-use -wise market numbers are counter-validated with the help of bottom-up approach
  • Macro-economic indicators such as GDP, wholesale & retail trade, merchandise trade, and prices have been considered to arrive at indicated market numbers
  • Economic fluctuations have been considered while forecasting market numbers
  • Market forecast has been done on the basis of current market scenario. However, in future, the market is expected to witness entry of new startups, which can change overall market dynamics

Companies covered in Intelligent Vending Machines Market Report

Company Profiles

  • Crane Merchandising Systems
  • Royal Vendors, Inc.
  • Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.
  • N&W Global Vending S.p.A.
  • Seaga
  • Rhea Vendors Group Spa
  • Azkoyen Group
  • Sielaff GmbH & Co. KG Company Snapshot
  • Automated Merchandising Systems Inc.
  • Jofemar Corporation 
  • Continental Vending Inc.
  • Others.

Intelligent Vending Machines Market

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