Global Market Study on Emergency Contraceptive Pills: Combination Pills to Account for Leading Revenue Share during 2017-2022

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Apropos this report, global sales of emergency contraceptive pills are likely to witness dwindling growth over the span of next five years. During the forecast period, 2017-2022, the global market for emergency contraceptive pills is expected to incur a listless growth, reaching a value of over US$ 1,230 Mn. From time constraints associated to the intake of emergency contraceptive pills to their side-effects, several factors are expected to hamper the sales of emergency contraceptive pills over the forecast period.

The report projects North America as the largest market for emergency contraceptive pills. US-based organizations such as the International Consortium for Emergency Contraception, a body that aims to expand access to proper emergency contraception products, are expected to promote the use of emergency contraceptive pills. Urban cultures across developed and developing markets such as Europe and Asia-Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) are showcasing the rise in mutual consent of partners towards unprotected sex. Although, unprotected coitus fuels the risks of sexually transmitted infections, and emergency contraceptive pills are unable to offer protection against venereal diseases, which further negates their status in terms of adoption.

Sales of Combination Pills to Incur Relatively Steady Gains

Products offered in the global emergency contraceptive pills market hold variable as well as similar functionalities. However, the effectiveness of these products, coupled with inclination to pills with least side effects, serves as the criteria for purchases. Combined oral contraceptives, also known as combination pills, are effective in reducing the risks of ectopic pregnancy, ovarian cancer, as well as the incidence of iron deficiencies in a state of premenstrual tension. In 2017, global sales of combination pills are pegged to hold around 40% share on global revenues. The demand for estrogen pills, on the other hand, will be declining at a faster rate over the forecast period. By the end of 2022, progesterone pills will also lose traction in their use for emergency contraception. Breast pain, hot flashes, diarrhea, and joint pain are some of the side effects associated with consumption of progesterone pills, which are expected to lower the sales in the global emergency contraceptive pills market.

Online Traders to Record Low Sales

On the basis of sales channel, growth of the global emergency contraceptive pills market will remain concentered to revenues procured from hospital pharmacies and drug stores. With the latter being the largest sales channel, emergency contraceptive pills sold through hospital pharmacies and drug stores are expected to collectively account for more than three-fifth share on global revenues.

Online sales of emergency contraceptive pills, on the contrary, will lose traction in 2017 and beyond. Despite the robust penetration of e-commerce platforms across the global sales network for emergency contraception products, the 72-hous time constraint on intake of emergency contraceptive pills is expected to factor their online sales.

Emergency Contraceptive Pills – Manufacturing Overview

The report has also profiled leading players in the global market for emergency contraceptive pills. Companies such as Bayer AG, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., Piramal Enterprises Limited, HRA Pharma, Mankind Pharma Ltd., Lupin Limited, Richter Gedeon Nyrt, Cooper Pharma, Zhejiang Xianju Pharmaceutical Co., and Pfizer Inc. are expected to be active in the global expansion of emergency contraceptive pills market. Manufacturers of emergency contraceptive pills are expected to put more R&D into development of pills with minimum side effects.

Persistence Market Research has collated a comprehensive market study on emergency contraceptive pills, titled “Emergency Contraceptive Pills Market: Global Industry Analysis 2012-2016 and Forecast 2017-2022.” This report offers a profound analysis on the expansion of global emergency contraceptive pills market till date, and directs this evaluation to provide a five-year forecast on the market. Historical data, assessed from revenues of key market participants over the past five years, has been employed as the initial point of reference for deriving market size estimations on the assessment period, 2017-2022. With a pragmatic approach, the report offers key analytical projections on the global market for emergency contraceptive pills.

Report Outline

The report begins with an executive summary, which comprises of an abstract of key findings on the forecasted expansion of global emergency contraceptive pills market across multiple regions. This section also provides a précis on leading segments, historical market valuations, and future market size estimations. Further, the report delivers an overview through an introduction to the market, and a standard definition of the product – emergency contraceptive pills.

An annexure to this section reveals the overall market size forecasts for the entire assessment period, Y-o-Y growth rates from 2017 to 2022, and a detailed analysis of market trends, macroeconomic factors, and sector-specific drivers. Pricing and cost structure analysis, classification of raw material procurement strategies, supply chain breakdown, and intensity map on presence of market participant across regions, is also offered in the report.

Market Taxonomy

After offering a formal introduction to the global emergency contraceptive pills market, the report reveals the market taxonomy as per the table below. For the purpose of analysis and forecast, the global market for emergency contraceptive pills has been segmented on the basis of product-types, sales channels, and region. These segments are further categorized to broaden the taxonomy and provide intrinsic analysis.


Product Type

Sales Channel

North America

Combination Pills

Drug Stores/ Pharmacy

Latin America

Progesterone Pills

Hospital Pharmacies


Estrogen Pills

Online Traders


Other Products

Other Channels



The report provides segmental analysis on the global emergency contraceptive pills market in several distinct sections, wherein cross-sectional data and country-specific forecast & analysis is also offered. The report concludes by profiling leading players in the overall emergency contraceptive pills market, representing the competitive landscape of the market. This section offers current market standings of participants, along with an up-to-date track of their key developments.

Research Methodology

Our analysts employ robust research methodology for developing analysis and forecast on global emergency contraceptive pills market. Primary and secondary research techniques are used to procure company revenues & current market valuations. Quantitative data is aggregated with qualitative information to formulate market size estimations. Our analysts have used customized formulas and calculations to obtain extensive estimations across multiple entities encompassing the global market for emergency contraceptive pills. The report provides forecast across metrics such as Y-o-Y growth rates, incremental opportunities, CAGRs, and revenue share ratios. The objective of this report is to enable participants in the emergency contraceptive pills market towards planning long-term business growth by inferring the research findings offered in this report.

Companies covered in Emergency Contraceptive Pills Market Report

Company Profile

  • Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.
  • Bayer AG, HRA Pharma
  • Piramal Enterprises Limited
  • Mankind Pharma Ltd.
  • Richter Gedeon Nyrt
  • Lupin Limited
  • Cooper Pharma
  • Pfizer Inc.
  • Zhejiang Xianju Pharmaceutical Co.
  • Others

Emergency Contraceptive Pills Market

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