Research On Demand

Actionable Insights & Transformational Strategies that Help you Make Informed Decisions

500 Clients, 200 Consultants, 5 Continents, 1000+ reports, 8 next-generation sector expertise – if it’s market research, we’ve got you covered.

Research on Demand: Tailored Research to Suit Client-specific Needs

Persistence Market Research (PMR) reports address the evolving needs of clients through personalized solutions. Our research approach is a unique synthesis of data analysis and the latest market dynamics, which enables us to deliver the most actionable insights to clients.

Expert analysts at PMR collaborate with clients to design tailored solutions to support decision-making related to investment in next-generation technologies, consumer behavior, emerging trends,associated impact, competitor intelligence, value chain analysis, brand strategy, sales potential in new markets, market and segment forecasting, and many others.

Our personalized reports feature analysis at micro to macro levels and we are committed to providing fast, reliable insights to clients, irrespective of their job role or vertical.

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