Rapid Industrialization and Urbanization Impel Increased Adoption of UV Disinfection Equipment

Published On : Aug 30, 2015

The use of ultraviolet (UV) light for the disinfection of drinking water dates back to the early 1900. Over the years, the field of UV disinfectants has seen the entry of new UV methods and a vast variety of highly advanced UV disinfection equipment for disinfecting drinking water and wastewater as a result of numerous research activities in the UV disinfection equipment market. This has led to the reduction in costs of UV systems along with their increased adoption. Currently, many regulations at regional and national levels mandate the use of UV techniques for disinfecting drinking water supplies. 


UV systems are generally quite easy to install and require little maintenance, supervision, or space along with a relatively clean source of water. UV systems are primarily chosen over other disinfecting systems owing to their added level of safety, low maintenance and operation costs, very less service time, and the absence of any taste or smell of chemicals in finished water. On the down side, however, UV systems are not suitable for disinfecting water that has high levels of suspended solids, color or some kind of soluble organic matter. These materials can react with the UV radiation and diminish their ability to disinfect water. 


Nevertheless, UV light continues to be a used as an extremely reliable way of disinfection as compared to chemical disinfection. UV radiations penetrate the cell walls of an organism and disrupt the genetic material of a cell, making it impossible for the organism to reproduce. Chemical disinfection, on the other hand, may lead to the production of potentially toxic by-products and may also change the taste and smell of water, making the water undesirable for drinking. 


Rapid Industrialization and Urbanization Drive Demand for Effective UV Disinfection Equipment 


A market research study published by the research firm Persistence Market Research projects excellent growth prospects for the global market for UV disinfection equipment market in the near future. The report states that the global market for UV disinfection will expand at a 14.1% CAGR over the period 2013-19. The report also states that the global UV disinfection equipment market, which was valued at US$993.4 million in 2012, will reach US$2.5 billion by 2019. 


Rising health concerns stemming from the effects of excess industrialization and urbanization are the chief factors fuelling the demand for UV disinfection equipment in the global market. Numerous benefits offered by UV systems such as their low maintenance, installation and operating costs, ease of handling, residue-less operations are the main reasons why these systems are preferred over other methods of disinfection.


Growth of the chemical and healthcare industries across the globe is also expanding the scope of applications for UV disinfection equipment. Numerous government initiatives for providing safe drinking water to the masses are also leading to an increased adoption of UV disinfection equipment across the globe. 


Trending Now: Combined Use of UV Disinfection and Ozone Treatment


The market for UV disinfection equipment is also on a constant rise these days owing to the trending demand for their use in combination with ozone treatment. This combination is regarded as an effective cure for Giardia, the protozoan leading to Giardiasis, and Cryptosporidium, a protozoan leading to diarrhea and gastrointestinal illnesses.


Browse Full Global UV Disinfection Equipment Market Research Report With Complete TOC @ http://www.persistencemarketresearch.com/market-research/uv-disinfection-equipment-market.asp