Craving for Vegan Diet to Drive the Meat Substitutes Market

Published On : Sep 14, 2020

As per Persistence Market Research, the global meat substitutes market is expected to go great guns between 2020 and 2030.

Meat substitutes are found to have greater health benefits in the long run. Research also states that meat products can’t be digested that easily as they are higher in trans-fat. This results in consumers putting on extra weight, which, in turn, makes them easily prone to chronic ailments like the ones related to heart and irregular body sugar. It needs to be noted that people are moving more towards plant-based protein diet. Due to increasing awareness regarding hazards mentioned above, meat-based protein is becoming a passé. These factors are bound to give an impetus to the meat substitutes market in the years to come.

Which meat substitutes are catching the eyeballs?

Soy protein (as a meat substitute) is witnessing an exponential increase in demand in the present scenario. This could be attributed to the fact that it is high in protein content, in fact, at par with protein contained in meat. The other plant-based protein that works well as a meat substitute is “tofu”. It has another advantage of being cost-effective.

Amongst the other alternatives is “jackfruit”. The texture and taste that this fruit carries gives the impression of tasting meat. It doesn’t come as a surprise that jackfruit has been nicknamed as “vegan meat”. The nutrients contained in jackfruit include vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, copper, magnesium, proteins, and fiber. It addresses skin problems, helps in keeping the heart healthy, and also boosts immunity.

Mushrooms could be tried out as another healthier substitute to meat. It is rich in vitamin D, phosphorus, selenium, and protein. Merely par-boiling and marinating are enough. Root veggies such as sweet potatoes or beetroot are endowed with crunchiness. The antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fiber contained therein could be gulped in the form of thick creamy soups, patties, chops, and cutlets.

The above-mentioned meat substitutes are slated to go a long way in being the flag bearers to meat substitutes market.

Certain Facts to Ponder About

The “Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food” has stated that the world switching to diets relying more on vegetables and less on meat is likely to save close to 8 Mn lives by the year 2050. Nevertheless, greenhouse gas emissions are expected to go down by 66% going by this figure.

On these grounds, Roquette is coming up with 2 new-fangled meat substitutes on public ddemand. One of them is based on peas and the other on fava beans. They are named as “NUTRALYS TP-C” and “NUTRALYS TF-C”. The company is also looking forward to come up with plant-based fish products such as “fish rillettes”.

Covid-19 Impact

The outbreak of Covid-19 has encouraged the use of meat substitutes. The very first patient got Covid-19 by consuming meat. As such, healthcare personnel across the globe are devising ways to curb the further spread of this disease, with cutting down on consumption of meat being the first suggestion in this regard. So, no harm in concluding that the ongoing pandemic has opened avenues for promulgation of meat substitutes like never before and the trend is expected to continue in the near future as well.

Region-Wise Distribution

Europe leads the market with more than 40% of the total share. Apart from the increasing shift of people towards vegan diet, the fact that European countries like Italy, Spain, the UK are the worst affected by Covcid-19. As a preventive measure, the Europe will continue to vie for meat substitutes. North America will follow suit. Asia-Pacific is also slowly shifting its gears towards meat substitutes.

The Players’ Presence

The key players in the meat substitutes market include The Top Health Ingredients Limited, Kerry, The Nisschin Oillio Group Ltd, Sotexpro S.A, Puris, The Emsland Group, Suedzucker AG, Wilmar International Limited, MGP Ingredient Inc., DuPont Nutrition and Bioscience, and others.

So, the global meat substitutes market is bound to grow by leaps and bounds in the next 10 years.

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