Demand for Packaged Foods and Drinks to drive the Food Grade Phosphoric Acid Market

Published On : Jun 08, 2021

As per Persistence Market Research, the global food grade phosphoric acid market will grow at the rate of close to 4% between 2021 and 2031.

Phosphoric acid is an odourless and a colorless inorganic acid, which is generally found in dark-colored carbonated sodas and colas as one of the indispensable additives. The flavour and strength of phosphoric acid could be categorized as “neutral”, as far as food grading is concerned. This, in turn, drives the demand for phosphoric acid in the food & beverage industry. Pure food grade phosphoric acid works well for mayonnaise, food sauces, and fruit juices. Potassium and sodium phosphate salts do perform the functionality of food preservatives. Apart from improving flavour, color, and structure of food, these phosphates render enhancement in performance of baked food items by rendering optimum leavening. These factors are there to take the entire food grade phosphoric acid market by storm in the years to come.

Majority of manufacturers make use of thermal process to produce phosphoric acid. The other two processes are – dry kiln process and wet process. The food grade phosphoric acid comes packed in HDPE, IBC drums and supplied thereafter. The other feature being included is high purity. Packing on demand is also being catered to.

The ever-increasing demand for packaged and frozen food across the globe (in developing countries, in particular), the demand regarding food grade phosphoric acid has soared in the last few years and the scenario is expected to stay unchanged going forward as well. This would, in turn, drive the hypermarkets and supermarkets to stock preserved foods (that ask for food grade phosphoric acid).

At the same time, it needs to be noted that food grade phosphoric acid market is facing challenges in the form of mixed storage being prohibited.

The way the Food Grade Phosphoric Acid Market Progresses

By type of product, the food grade phosphoric acid market spans phosphoric acid food grade 85%, phosphoric acid food grade 80%, and phosphoric acid food grade 75%. Application-wise, it’s metal treatment, sugar refining, beverages production, food preservation, and others. End-user-wise, it’s metallurgy, food & beverages, and others.


North America and Europe are going steady with respect to the food grade phosphoric acid market. The future belongs to the Asia-Pacific due to speedy development of food processing vertical in countries like India and China. The government of China has estimated that demand pertaining to food grade phosphoric acid solely from China is likely to reach over 200K metric tons in the years to come.

Competitive Landscape

The key players in the food grade phosphoric acid market are inclusive of Febex SA, Aditya Birla Chemicals, Nutrien Ltd., Solaris Chemtech, Devdhar Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., WengFu Group, OCP Group, Innophos, Inc., and Guanxi Qinzhou Capital Success Phos-Chemical Co., Ltd. Vinnipul’s phosphoric acid 85% is being used in brewing, as it does adjust pH of the sparge water, thereby capable of being 100% metabolized through yeast if at all ending up on fermenter happens.

Food Grade Phosphoric Acid Market

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