Food and Drug Administration Launch Campaign Against Use Of E-Cigarettes Among Youth

Date : Sep 13, 2017 Author : Anurag Sharma Category : Healthcare

FDA has issued over 6000 warning letters to online retailers and brick and mortar for selling e-cigarettes and other tobacco products to minors.

Food and Drug Administration of the United States has recently announced that it would conduct a campaign which would be related to public health education with an aim to discourage youngsters from smoking e-cigarettes and other electronic nicotine delivery systems. FDA intends to extend public education campaign known as ‘The Real Cost’ that consists of conveying the message to teens about the risks of using the nicotine products.

These new efforts taken by FDA are a part of its new plan for nicotine and tobacco regulation and its ongoing project to aware the youth and protect them from the ill effects associated with using tobacco products. FDA is using the platform of public health education for the first time to target the youth against the use of e-cigarettes and other nicotine based products.

While speaking about this new initiative, the Commissioner of FDA said that the FDA will henceforth continue to work strongly to keep all the tobacco and nicotine products away from youngsters. The Commissioner further stated that FDA will keep focusing on addressing the role of tobacco products and nicotine in keeping the smokers addicted to these products and help them to move to less harmful products rather than forcing them to quit using these products.

The main focus of FDA according to its Commissioner is to make the kids aware of the risks that are associated with the usage of tobacco products which are already creating harmful effects on youngsters. E-cigarettes have already started showing its troubling reality as these are the most commonly-used tobacco product among youngsters.   

According to FDA, in the last year, more than two million school students were using e-cigarettes and other nicotine based products. It also observed that the current tobacco students also used a couple of tobacco products last year. The use of nicotine by kids, especially by teen agers is the biggest concern as exposure to nicotine affects the developing brain and make it prone to heavy addiction of nicotine in future.

The FDA's recent announcement puts nicotine and the addiction of other tobacco products at the focal point of agency’s efforts. This approach expects to strike a cautious harmony between the control of all tobacco items, and the chance to energize improvement of inventive tobacco items that might be less risky than flammable cigarettes.

 In any case, significantly, the approach additionally keeps on concentrating on the need to decrease the availability of all tobacco items to youth, including e-cigarettes and other nicotine-based products and keeps up all the existing regulations that presently apply to these items.

This new initiative is just a part of FDA’s various efforts to ban the use of tobacco based products by youth and decrease the toxic exposure of all tobacco products. Apart from this, FDA will keep continuing enforcing the regulations especially for the limited access of tobacco based products to youth, along with banning the sale of tobacco products to youth under age 18, prohibiting the distribution of free samples and compulsion of age verification by submitting photo ID. 

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