Global Market Study on Flat Panel Displays: LCD Technology to Witness Highest Growth During 2017 - 2027

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The rise in consumer demand for large LCD televisions, increasing screen size of smartphones, and growth in the development of automotive display are some of the factors driving demand for flat panel display. Companies are ultra-slim LCD televisions, high resolution, and slim smartphones designs, and better user interface and touch screen for automotive display. All these factors are resulting in the increasing demand for the flat panel display. Majority of the LCD flat panel manufacturers are working on increasing brightness of the models to offer good picture quality. Moreover, next-generation of display technology is being developed to improve picture quality. Technological advancements in flat panel display is leading to the development of better display imaging technology in healthcare.

Increasing number of flat panel display has received approval by regulatory bodies to be used in the healthcare industry. High-pixel density displays are being developed for diagnostic application in healthcare. Manufacturers are also developing new surgical visualization platforms including flat panel display and ultra-high level of brightness to avoid glare and reflection in high light environment.

As per a study by Persistence Market Research, the global flat panel display market is likely to witness moderate growth between 2017 and 2027. By the end of the forecast period, the global market for flat panel display is projected to reach US$ 177,339.0 Million in terms of revenue.

LCD Technology to be Highly Preferred in the Global Flat Panel Display Market

Compared to different types of flat panel display technologies, LCD is the most preferred technology worldwide. Manufacturers are introducing new technologies offering improvement over traditional LCD displays. For instance, quantum dot display technology is empowering LCD to offer better color saturation, high image quality, and high brightness. Similarly, innovative LCD technology is being introduced to make display three to four times sharper. High-resolution LCD technology is also being developed for Virtual Reality (VR). The demand for LCD technology is also witnessing significant growth in the smartphone manufacturing.

Increasing Adoption of Interactive Flat Panel Display in the Education Sector

The rise in development of smart classroom across various countries is resulting in the adoption of new technologies. To enhance the learning experience, education sector is focusing on adopting interactive methods. Hence, the interactive flat panel displays are finding large application in classrooms that help in increasing interest and involvement of students. 3D interactive flat panel displays are also gaining popularity in the education sector. 3D displays are enhancing viewing experience as well as creating interest among the consumers driving the demand for interactive flat panel display.

Government in various countries are also taking initiatives to modify education system and make it technologically advanced. Governments are also investing in buying materials that are essential in the interactive learning including flat panel displays, tablets, etc. Increasing popularity of e-learning is driving the adoption of interactive flat panels to deliver content interactively. Development of education infrastructure in Japan, China, and India also creates an opportunity for manufacturers to offer advanced interactive flat panel displays. Other industries including automotive, military and defense are also using solutions such as touchscreen and large display. Moreover, flat panel displays are also being deployed in aircraft, tanks, submarines and ships in the military and defense.

In this report, Persistence Market Research provides forecast and in-depth analysis on the global flat panel display market for the forecast period 2017 and 2027. The study focuses on latest trends and market drivers that are likely to shape up the market in the future during the aforementioned forecast period. The report also focuses on the performance of the global market for flat panel display in terms of the revenue contribution. The report consists trends, market drivers, challenges, and key opportunities resulting in the growth of the global flat panel display market.

The report also offers impact analysis based on the weighted average model to show the clear picture of the market and help in decision-making. The report provides segment-wise and region-wise analysis. The global market for flat panel display is segmented on the basis of application, technology, and regions. The segmentation analysis in the report is a study offering in-depth facts in terms of the basis point.

The region-wise analysis in the report includes data on all the key regions including Asia Pacific, Europe, Japan, Americas, and the Middle East and Africa (MEA). The market outlook for 2017–2027 and the forecast has been provided based on region. This report also discusses the key trends in various regions contributing towards the growth of the global flat panel display market and also the factors influencing market growth in each region.

The last section of the report includes key companies in the global market for flat panel display. This section offers clients with a comparative assessment of all the major players, in the global flat panel display market.

Research Methodology

The report sheds light on the market size, total revenue generated and expected revenue during the forecast period. In order to provide a forecast on the global market for flat panel display, the current market size has been considered, which helps to understand how the market will perform in the coming years.

The outcome on the basis of the demand side, supply side and micro and macro-economic factors has also been provided in the report. Market attractiveness index is also given in the report to identify growth opportunities in the global flat panel display market.

The report not only provides forecasts in terms of CAGR but also focuses on the key parameters such as yearly growth and market share to understand the overall market scenario and identify opportunities for growth.

The most important part of the global market for flat panel display is the analysis of all key segments, sub-segments, and adoption of the product based on region. The forecast on the revenue in terms of absolute dollar opportunity is also given in the report. The absolute dollar opportunity an important factor in assessing the opportunity by manufacturers, and identifying possible resources from the sales point of view.

Moreover, to understand the market growth and adoption of flat panel display across various countries the report offers market attractiveness analysis, Porter’s five force analysis, and SWOT analysis. Here, the market attractiveness index plays an important role in understanding the opportunities during the forecast period and plan strategies accordingly.

Companies covered in Flat Panel Displays Market Report

Company Profile

  • Emerging Display Technologies Corp.
  • Innolux Corp.
  • Sharp Corporation
  • Japan Display Inc.
  • Electronics Co. Ltd.
  • Universal Display Corporation
  • LG Display Co. Ltd.
  • Panasonic Corporation
  • Sony Corporation
  • Others
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