Demand for Dimer Acids is Going to Be High in Near Future

Date : Sep 13, 2017 Author : Rahul Singh Category : Chemical and Material

Asia Pacific to Remain the Largest Market for Dimer Acid over 2025

Dimer acids are commercially produced from vegetable oil fatty acids, also known as esters, like linoleic acid, ricinoleic acid and oleic acid. These esters are derived from vegetable oils like dehydrated castor oil, tung oil, etc. and are polymerized to give a mixture of various types of dimer acids. Dimer acid finds uses in a number of applications such as in the production of plasticizers, synthetic lubricants and high polymeric products.

Dimer acids contain thirty six carbon atoms and are formed by thermal polymerization of fatty acid chains. Dimer acids are yellow in color and are viscous liquids of relatively high molecular weight. The synthetic products of dimer acid and ethylene glycol were developed in the past under the name of Norepols. Dimer acids are used extensively in industries and other commercial uses due to their flexibility and adhesion-improving properties.

The various types of industries in which dimer acids find their use are surface coatings, printing inks, adhesives and oil field chemicals, among others. Due to the rising oil field drilling activities and the increase in the construction sector output, the use of dimer acids is slated to maintain a stable growth trajectory. 

The increasing demand of polyamide resins due to the rise in the construction industry output is likely to benefit the global dimer acid market in a positive manner. Due to the rapid urbanization and high spending on infrastructure in major developing countries like Brazil, China and India, will propel the demand for dimer acid worldwide. In addition, growth in the manufacturing industries such as chemicals, automotive, electronics, etc. will also have a positive impact on the global demand for dimer acids.

Due to the various high-end construction projects going on in India and China such as the construction of roads and highways, hydropower structures, commercial buildings, residential real estate and urban transportation infrastructure will drive the global demand for dimer acids, particularly in the developing regions of the world.

Also, due to the increasing oil field drilling activities all over the world, oilfield chemicals are being majorly used in the drilling of wells, fracking, and refining of the oil. The type of oilfield chemicals used are corrosion and scale inhibitors, lubricants, wetting agents, etc. Due to the increased drilling of oil and use of oil based products to meet the growing energy demand of the world is further expected to fuel the demand for dimer acids which are used in making such oilfield chemicals.

As stated earlier, tall oil fatty acids and vegetable oil fatty acids such as soybean oil, rapeseed oil, cottonseed oil etc. are the major raw materials from which dimer acids are made. Due to the increasing demand for bio based materials in the coming years, there will be a positive impact on the demand of dimer acids also consequently.

Besides, since dimer acids are obtained from renewable raw materials, these materials are biodegradable, and their demand and use is going to increase in the coming years due to the tough and strictly imposed environmental regulations. 

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