Zinc Chloride Market

Global Market Study on Zinc Chloride: Growing Demand for Zinc Chloride in Battery Manufacturing to Propel Market Growth

Surging Demand for Zinc Chloride Batteries Replacing Zinc Carbon Batteries

With technological advancements, the demand for highly active and advanced zinc chloride batteries is growing as the primary cell batteries. Zinc chloride batteries are advanced in the capacity as compared to zinc carbon batteries and used on a large scale in motorized devices including cars and toys. Motorized devices such as toys are shifting from zinc carbon battery to zinc chloride battery owing to its capability to offer continues service.

Moreover, eliminating the use of cadmium and highly toxic mercury in zinc alloy, the demand in the zinc chloride battery is increasing in various industries, thus, creating demand in zinc chloride market.

Additionally, zinc chloride market is witnessing demand from battery manufacturers to be used in electric vehicles, load leveling, and other specialty applications due to its improvement on zinc carbon with 50% greater capacity, leak resistance, high output capacity, offering better low temperature performance, and longer shelf life.

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  • Apex Chemicals Corporation
  • Eurocontal SA
  • Weifang Dongfangsheng Chemical Co., Ltd
  • PT Indo Lysaght

Increasing Use of Zinc Chloride as Coagulant in Automotive Industry Driving Growth in Zinc Chloride Market

Zinc chloride batteries are being developed on a large scale for use in automotive industry, especially in electric cars. Recently, many tests were conducted by powering vehicles using zinc chloride in electric vehicle battery and results showed that new batteries offer high speed with better energy and longer shelf life.

Moreover, the ability to power vehicles and other electronic appliances leading to zero emission is one of the key factors driving the growth in zinc chloride market and use in the automotive industry.

Currently, lithium-ion battery is finding wide application in the automotive industry, however, in the coming years, the demand in zinc chloride market for use in batteries is likely to grow owing to its low cost and offering weight reduction with more scape in vehicles.

Manufacturers in the zinc chloride market are also focusing on zinc chloride battery production as it is inexpensive to produce. Low energy consumption, and easy to replace.

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High Toxicity Nature of Zinc Chloride Leading to Serious Health Issues

Owing to the high toxicity, zinc chloride can result in skin irritation and burning eyes after contact. Moreover, zinc chloride can affect gastrointestinal tract and can lead to hematemesis.

The zinc chloride is extremely detrimental to lungs and can lead to lung edema. In last few years, there have been various cases where modest exposure to zinc chloride resulted in pulmonary damage. Immediate symptoms leading to irritation of skin, eyes, and respiratory tract is likely to hamper the growth in zinc chloride market.  

The zinc chloride smoke screens are used widely for civilian and military screening purpose. The use of this smoke in confined spaces for screening purpose has been widely abandoned owing to various lethal incidents. However, use of the zinc chloride in open air is considered safe with specific limitations.

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Textile Industry Emerging as the Major Consumer of Zinc Chloride

In textile industry, zinc chloride is widely used in the resin system to impart durable press to the synthetic and cotton fabrics. Zinc chloride market is witnessing huge demand as fabric refresheners in order to remove unwanted odor in fabrics. In textile industry, around 64% of zinc chloride is dissolved in water and is used to dissolve silk, starch, and cellulose.

Zinc chloride market is witnessing increasing demand for zinc chloride as coagulant for textile dyes and has a capacity to solve dye sludge generation problem. Researchers have developed efficient hybrid technology by combining zinc chloride coagulation and solid state fermentation. The coagulation using zinc chloride have also shown around 99% color removal.

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Zinc Chloride Market-Regional Overview

In Asia Pacific, China is likely to emerge as the profitable market for manufacturers in the zinc chloride market owing to the presence of large production base for various manufacturers in zinc chloride market and increasing export to various countries.

Technological advancements in the automotive industry moving towards using zinc chloride as coagulant is creating prime opportunities for manufacturers in zinc chloride market to enhance sales via new product development.

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