Global Market Study on Paper Processing Chemicals: Bio-based Chemicals Creating New Window of Opportunity

Pulp And Paper Processing Chemicals  Market
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Growing Emphasis on Enhancing Properties of Writing and Specialty Papers

Improving productivity as well as surface and print quality are key concerns for paper & paperboard industries. There are number of solutions – mineral formulations, which deliver properties such as – gloss, opacity, printability, and brightness to papers. Chemicals such as calcium carbonate and talcs make superior fillers and coating pigments for printing and writing papers, improving quality, and brightness. As coating agents, these help improve printability and deliver superior optical properties such as gloss and opacity.

In specialty papers such as labels and colored papers, minerals reduce dye demand and improve color intensity. Attributing to these factors, the global paper processing chemicals market is projected to grow at a significant pace.

Thriving Demand for Paperboard, Wrapping, and Packaging Paper

Although the digital revolution has significantly impacted the consumption of paper & paperboard, population growth and change in living standards have created new market opportunities through paper goods such as personal hygienic tissue papers and paper packaging.

Unbleached pulp may be refined to cut fiber and roughen the surface of fibers. To enhance pulp surface, pulping chemicals act as ideal solutions for the paper industry. The pulping chemicals segment accounted for 32.8% share in the global paper processing chemicals market in 2018.

Increasing Preference for Biodegradable Chemicals

Various chemicals are widely utilized at the time of paper production. These paper processing chemicals are mostly fossil-oil based compounds. Thus, they create a negative impact on the environment. In the backdrop of rising environment concerns, paper mill manufactures are looking for biodegradable paper processing chemicals such as polymer-free coatings, and soy chemicals, which are compliant with various government legislatures. This factor is anticipated to create huge demand for biocides and other paper processing chemicals.

Luxury Lifestyle and Growing Awareness about Hygiene Bolstering Demand

Besides conventional applications of paper napkins and tissue paper products, the paper processing chemicals market is currently witnessing increasing use of attractive paper napkins in various DIY projects, home interior décor, and accessories. As a result of pretty designs and refreshing prints, tissue papers are gaining popularity in hotels. Art enthusiasts purchase designer napkins to add a distinctive touch to their home interior. For big projects, the market has specific wholesale dealers who sell an extensive variety of paper napkins in bulk.

Thus, increased awareness of hygiene as well as a luxury-oriented lifestyle are estimated to increase consumption of tissues and napkins.

Competition Landscape Analysis

The global paper chemicals market has a fairly fragmented competition landscape, where number of manufactures are emphasizing on expanding their paper and pulp business through solid distribution partnerships, joint ventures, and expansions. Key manufactures of paper processing chemicals are prioritizing product developments & innovations. To gain significant market share, global paper processing chemical manufactures may continue to focus on inorganic growth strategies including expansions, acquisitions, and product innovations.

Paper Processing Chemicals Market - Scope of Report

Persistence Market Research (PMR) recently published a study report on the global paper processing chemicals market. The report provides detailed valuation on key market dynamics such as drivers, trends, opportunities, and restraints, along with detailed information about the paper processing chemicals market structure. This market research report presents exclusive facts and figures about how the paper processing chemicals market will grow over the forecast period.

Key indicators of market growth, such as value chain analysis and supply chain, compounded annual growth rate (CAGR), and year-on-year (Y-o-Y) growth of the market are explained in PMR’s study in a comprehensive manner. This information can help readers understand the quantitative development projections of the paper processing chemicals market over the forecast period.

The study is relevant for stakeholders in the paper processing chemicals market, as well as manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and investors, as it can help them understand applicable strategies to grow in the market. Stakeholders, investors, industry experts, researchers, and journalists, as well as business researchers in the paper processing chemicals market can leverage the information and statistics presented in PMR’s research report.

The report includes facts & figures related to the macro as well as microeconomic factors that are impacting the growth of the paper processing chemicals market. The study also offers actionable insights based on the future trends in the paper processing chemicals market. Furthermore, regional players and new entrants in the paper processing chemicals market can also use the information presented in this report to make business decisions and gain momentum in the market.

Key Segments of Paper Processing Chemicals Market

PMR’s study on the paper processing chemicals market is divided into three significant segments- product form, application, and region. This report offers comprehensive data and information about the important market dynamics and growth parameters related to these categories.

Product Form



  • Pulping Chemicals
    • Cooking Chemicals
    • Bleaching Chemicals
  • Functional & Processing Chemicals
    • Biocides
    • Defoamers
    • Sizing & Strengthening Chemicals
    • Binding & Filling Chemical
    • Coating Chemicals
  • Paperboard, Wrapping and Packaging Paper
  • Printing & Writing
  • Sanitary and Household Tissue
  • Newsprint
  • Others
  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • East Asia
  • South Asia
  • Middle East & Africa (MEA)
  • Oceania

Key Questions Answered in PMR’s Paper Processing Chemicals Market Report

  • Which region is anticipated to hold a prominent market share over the forecast period?
  • What will be the key driving factors propelling the demand for paper processing chemicals during the forecast period?
  • How current trends will impact the paper processing chemicals market?
  • Who are significant market participants in the paper processing chemicals market?
  • What are the crucial strategies of prominent players in the paper processing chemicals market to upscale their positions in this landscape?

Paper Processing Chemicals Market: Research Methodology

In PMR’s research report, exclusive research methodology is utilized to conduct comprehensive research on the development of the paper processing chemicals market and reach conclusions on the future growth factors of the market. In this research methodology, secondary and primary research is utilized by assistant analysts to ensure precision and reliability of the conclusions.

Secondary resources referred by analysts during the evaluation of the paper processing chemicals market study comprise of the facts and figures from World Bank, OEM websites, government websites, white papers, trade journals, and external and internal databases. Analysts have thoroughly interviewed several industry experts, such as sales supervisors, sales operation managers, product portfolio managers, senior managers, market intelligence managers, marketing/product managers, and production managers to provide insightful information.

Comprehensive information acquired from primary resources and secondary resources is validated from companies operating in the paper processing chemicals market to make PMR’s projection on growth prospects of the paper processing chemicals market more accurate and reliable.

Companies covered in Pulp And Paper Processing Chemicals Market Report

  • Kemira Oyj
  • Nouryon BV
  • The Dow Chemical Company
  • Ivaxchem
  • Richards Chemicals & Electricals Pvt. Ltd
  • Arakawa Chemical Industries, Ltd
  • Harima Chemicals Group, Inc
  • Hydrite Chemical Co.
  • Univar Inc.
  • Axchem International Limited
  • Chemisphere Paper Technologies

Pulp And Paper Processing Chemicals Market

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