Packaged Explosive Market

Packaged Explosive Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2016 - 2026

Market Overview

An explosive can be anything solid or liquid or mixture of materials which with the help of external stimulus forms or releases number of gasses generating high pressures. The explosives are broadly classified into three categories packaged explosives, bulk explosives and initiating systems. Packaged explosives have vast applications in different industries like mining, at construction sites, road building, infrastructure development, seismic exploration and others. Packaged explosives are in form of cartridges with different sizes as per the requirements. Packaged explosives dominated the explosives market since the invention of dynamite in 1867. The rapid technology growth and ease of usability in various industries were the reasons for the development and more usability of packaged explosives. With the passage of time two more categories were packaged gel explosive and packaged emulsion explosives were developed in this segment.

The global demand for the packaged explosives is well driven due to activity and investments in the infrastructure segment. Apart from the mining industries coal and metal are the core industries to drive the market demand for the packaged explosives. The downstream users for the packaged explosives are key industries responsible for economy developments like steel, power, cement, mining etc. and thus their requirements drive the market demand for the packaged explosives. The restraints for the packaged explosive market is the excessive dependent on the downstream industries. A little fluctuation in their market affects the whole demand index for packaged explosives. The hazardous risk involved in the usability is another restraint for the packaged explosive market, safety modules and trainings are essential for the safe usability are necessary.

Global packaged explosive market is segmented based on type (technology), application industries (downstream users) and the region. Based on the type (technology) the global packaged explosive market is segmented into three categories Traditional Dynamite, packaged emulsions & water gel and packaged ANFO. They all have various market shares in the various regions owing to the application ease and industry. Based on the end use industry (downstream users) the global market for the packaged explosives in classified into coal, road construction, Metal mining, cement, steel and others. Based on the regions global market for the packaged explosives is divide into seven key regions which are North America (U.S., Canada), Latin America (Mexico. Brazil),Western Europe (Germany, Italy, France, U.K, Spain, Nordic countries, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg),Eastern Europe (Poland, Russia),Asia Pacific (China, India, ASEAN, Australia & New Zealand),Japan ,Middle East and Africa (GCC, S. Africa, N. Africa).

The demand for the packaged explosives is due to the expansion of downstream user industries and their demand for the explosives. The major demand for packaged explosives is from the mining industry (60 to 70 %). Developed countries from North America and Western Europe are experiencing the stabilization in this industry due to shift and preference towards the usability of renewable sources. The fatal accidents in the production capacities of Europe has forced them to shut down the facilities. Countries in south America (Brazil, Mexico), Pacific Rim (Australia) and Africa (South) are driving the market demand owing to the surplus coal and metal reserves and low penetration in the region, making these regions the demand driver for the packaged explosives. The other important consideration for driving the market growth for the packaged explosives is infrastructure development and demand from the construction industries. Asia pacific countries with the growing economies are expected to show highest packaged explosives demand growth due to the development of rail and public facilities. China and India are expected to show the considerable market demand for the packaged explosives market. Middle East is the region where large public and private investments are being done and are expected in future because of the real estate and infrastructure development making it one of the key regions to consider as the future market for the packaged explosives.

The packaged explosive manufacturers have to be involved with safety modules and essential trainings to avoid the fatal accidents. The major manufacturing players for the packaged explosives are Orica Limited, (Australia), Dyno Nobel (US), AEL Mining Services Ltd. (South Africa), Austin Powder Company (US), EPC Group (France), Hanwha Corporation (South Korea), LSB Industries (US), NOF Corp (Japan), Sasol Limited (South Africa), Solar Industries India Ltd.(India) and others.

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