LoRa Gateway Module Market

Global Market Study on LoRa Gateway Module: Increasing Commercialization of LPWA IoT Communication Creating Potential Growth Opportunities

LoRa Gateway Module Market Segmented Industrial Automation, Home Automation, Smart Agriculture, Smart City, Asset Tracking Application in Manufacturing , Energy and Utilities, Automotive, Healthcare, Transportation and Logistics, Agriculture Industry

LoRa Gateway Module Market - Key Research Findings

  • Global LoRa (long range) gateway module market size in 2017 - Approximately US$ 358 Mn
  • High growth rate has been estimated for the global LoRa gateway module market over 2018-2028, majorly driven by the rapid expansion of IoT.
  • Projected CAGR for LoRa gateway module market through 2028 - 24.4%
  • According to the recent statistical data of the GSMA (Groupe Spécial Mobile Association) -
    • The number of IoT connections (non-cellular and cellular) are expected to increase by more than threefold worldwide between 2017 and 2025, and reach 25 billion.
    • In 2017, the total number of IoT connections in the Asia Pacific was approximately 2.8 Bn, and it is expected to reach 10.9 Bn in 2025.
  • North America and Europe are the leading regional markets for LoRa gateway modules in 2018
    • The presence of a large and ever-expanding IoT market is expected to generate substantial demand for LoRa gateway modules.
  • East Asia holds significant growth potential for the LoRa gateway module market
    • The presence of various manufacturers of LoRa gateway modules, rapid digitalization, and the growth of smart devices are among the major factors contributing to the growth of the LoRa gateway module market in East Asia.
    • Moreover, the region is also projected to surpass North America and is expected to become the largest market for LoRa gateway modules during the forecast period.
  • Industrial automation is the most attractive application for LoRa gateway modules
    • Increasing demand for automation in industries and the rising trend of Industry 4.0 are among the major factors driving the LoRa gateway module market.

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  • Guangdong Dapu Communication Technology Co., Ltd.
  • HOPE Microelectronics CO., Ltd.
  • Embit s.r.l.
  • IMST GmbH
  • Libelium Comunicaciones Distribuidas S.L
  • Laird Technologies
  • Multi-Tech Systems, Inc.
  • Murata Manufacturing Co.
  • Microchip Technology Inc.
  • Nemeus
  • GlobalSat WorldCom Corporation

Top 3 Factors Shaping LoRa Gateway Module Market

  • Government initiatives toward LoRa gateway modules and technology

Increasing awareness and advantages associated with LoRa technology are propelling the LoRa gateway module market. The governments of various countries are significantly investing in LoRa technology and are collaborating with providers of LoRa gateway modules and services for the implementation of the LoRa technology in their countries. According to PMR, this is expected to remain a key factor driving the demand for LoRa gateway modules at the global level.

  • Digital transformation is gaining traction

Digital transformation is reforming some of the business activities that will transform business processes and provide new revenue models using digital technologies. The rising traction of digital transformation in various sectors such as energy & utilities, manufacturing, healthcare, and automotive, are creating potential opportunities for the LoRa gateway module market. Moreover, the adoption of cloud-based solutions and technologies is also playing an important role in driving the LoRa gateway module market.

  • High infrastructure cost and lack of infrastructure development is the major challenge for the growth of the LoRa gateway module market

The lack infrastructural development, especially in underdeveloped counties as well as some of the developing countries around the world, is one of the factors that is hampering the growth of the LoRa gateway module market. Moreover, the requirement of high capital and skilled labor for the implementation of LoRa technology is restraining the growth of the LoRa gateway module market.

lora gateway module market

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LoRa Gateway Module Market Structure Analysis

  • The global LoRa gateway module market represents a moderately consolidated competition landscape, wherein Tier 1 companies hold a revenue share of approximately 34%.
  • While most of the key players maintain strategic focus on the North America, Europe, and East Asia markets, the report underscores that technology assessment will be an important developmental strategy for companies.
  • Leading players in LoRa gateway module market are also concentrating on entering into partnerships and collaborations with M2M and IoT device providers, and this will remain a strong differentiation strategy.
  • Important entrants in the LoRa gateway module market, such as LINK LABS and Nemeus, are strategizing on new product launches. For instance, in April 2017, Nemeus released the MM002-L-JP module, which is in compliance with the LoRa mode and LoRaWAN protocol in the band 920.6-928MHz, with a maximum output power of +13dBm.
  • The number of international distributors and resellers of new LoRa gateway modules is increasing at a rapid pace.

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