Disinfection Robot Market

Global Market Study on Disinfection Robots: Rapid Technological Advancements Contributing to Demand Growth

  • October-2020
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Market Overview

A disinfection robot is a mobile device used to sterilize an environment in order to provide safety in hospitals and public areas. This machine can automatically perform complicated and often repetitive tasks. These devices are very well designed with advanced technology that help kill viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens, and are mostly used in hospitals to reduce the risk of spread of healthcare-associated infections. With the COVID19 outbreak, their use has increased across various other settings such as airports, shopping malls, railway stations, etc. Besides demand for HPV robots, ultraviolet light robots, UV mercury disinfection robots, and semi- and fully-autonomous disinfection robots, launch of technologically-advanced xenon UV disinfection robots is particularly expected to propel the expansion of the disinfection robots market size over the coming years. Although the cost of a disinfection robot is over US$ 100,000, with a lifecycle of around 8-10 years, the cost of disinfection comes to merely US$ 6-8 in a hospital.

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  • Xenex Disinfection Services, LLC
  • Nevoa Inc.
  • Ultraviolet Devices, Inc.
  • Rubedo Sistemos
  • Blue Ocean Robotics ApS
  • Bioquell, Inc.
  • Skytron, LLC.
  • The Clorox Company (Procter & Gamble)
  • OMRON Corporation
  • Fetch Robotics, Inc.
  • Geek+
  • Akara Robotics Ltd.
  • TMI Robotics Co., Ltd
  • SESTO Robotics

Increasing Need for UV Robots in Healthcare Facilities for Cost Saving

Autonomous robots are rapidly acquiring a market share with the use of UV disinfection technology; therefore, most manufacturers in the disinfection robots market space are developing UV disinfection robots. These are cost effective as they reduce the burden of manual cleaning and also save time. Many manufacturers are producing these kinds of robots, and the market has witnessed rapid increase in demand for disinfection robots from healthcare facilities in the last 7-8 months, mainly due to the COVID19 outbreak. It had been observed that, this UV disinfection system kills around 70-90% more bacteria as compared to manual cleaning. As such, it has become necessary to introduce these robots in hospitals and other healthcare facilities for the prevention and reducing the spread of various infections, which bodes well for the growth of the disinfection robots market.

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Rising Demand to Reduce Risk of Spread of HAIs

Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) is a major factor that can hamper a country’s economy. For the past few decades, countries are adopting various measures to control and prevent infections. The Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP) reported that, 1 in every 25 inpatients suffers from HAIs in the U.S, and globally, out of 10 patients treated in hospitals, around 1 is infected with at least one HAI. Therefore, the World Health Organization (WHO) is encouraging its member states to set up healthcare facilities with advanced disinfection systems to control and prevent the spread of these infections.

Disinfection Robots Market

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Regional Outlook of Disinfection Robots Market

North America held a major disinfection robots market share in 2019, and a similar trend is expected to continue during the forecast period too. The main reason for North America leading is due to higher adoption of advanced systems in healthcare facilities and large number of manufacturers in the disinfection robots market in the region. Furthermore, continuous research & development activities along with increasing demand for service robots in the region are driving the market here. North America is expected to be the most lucrative region in the global disinfection robots market over the next ten years.

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Competitive Landscape of Disinfection Robots Market

The disinfection robots market is characterized as a consolidated market space, with key players present across the globe, including Xenex Disinfection Services, LLC, Skytron LLC, Blue Ocean Robotics AsP, Ultraviolet Devices, Inc., The Clorox Company, Bioquell, Inc., and others. Manufacturers in the disinfection robots market are actively involved in portfolio expansion and collaborations with various companies to gain larger a market share in this industry.

COVID-19 Impact on Disinfection Robots Market

The COVID19 pandemic has highly influenced the disinfection robots market. In the fight against the outbreak, robots have been looked upon as the best bet for disinfection services. As there were only 4-5 manufacturers in the global disinfection robots market, the coronavirus outbreak has created a vast opportunity for many companies to launch innovative products. As the world continues to fight the spread of COVID19, self-driving disinfectant robots are being widely adopted by hospitals, airports, railway stations, office buildings, hotels, and other public places. Rising concerns due to the novel coronavirus outbreak has resulted in increasing adoption of robotic technologies and software for controlling infectious diseases.

Analysts’ Viewpoint

Increasing technological advancements in disinfection services with growing demand to reduce the risk of spread of healthcare-associated infections are expected to boost the growth of the disinfection robots market during the forecast period. Furthermore, increasing research & development coupled with various innovative product approvals and launches are expected to fuel the progress of the disinfection robots market space.

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