Global Market Study on BOPP Films for Packaging: Industrial Sector to Witness High Adoption in the Coming Years Owing to Changing Consumer Preferences

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The growing demand for innovative and novel packaging options is a noteworthy trend that is envisioned to open a plethora of growth prospects for the global BOPP films for packaging market. The global packaging industry is moving towards a new trend and players are replacing cellophane, waxing paper, and aluminum foils with BOPP films. This trend is expected to gain traction in the coming years owing to the fact that BOPP films are more flexible and also facilitate faster packaging with advanced sealing properties as compared to other packaging materials. This has impelled manufacturers to come up with new techniques pertaining to the production of BOPP films in order to cater to the demand of various industries.

Food and beverages to utilize BOPP films for packaging at an extensive rate

Food and beverage packaging products provide protection, resistance from tampering, and special biological, chemical, and physical needs for the respective food and beverages. Moreover, food packaging helps preserve the nutrition in food, and quick and dependable conveyance of food in the value chain aids in decreasing the various losses occurring post-harvest.   

The different kinds of packaging ingredients used in the food and beverages industry are inflexible plastic packaging, adaptable plastic packaging, BOPP films, wood packaging, stoneware packaging, paperboard packaging, metal packaging, leather packaging, vegetable filaments and material packaging, beverages jars, vaporizers and glass. The significant use of these packaging materials in the beverages industry can be seen in brew packaging, carbonated sodas packaging, caffeinated drinks packaging, prepared to drink ice tea packaging and mixed beverage packaging. It has been observed that an individual product may typically need more than one type of packaging. The packaging of food and beverages is backed by continuous innovation, for example, recoil wrapping, contract sleeve wrapping, altered environment packaging, fixed plate food packaging, vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) stowing, blade seal/stream wrap packaging, collapsing container packaging, and ridged case and plate packaging.

There is a growing need for ready-to-eat foods comprising microwave suppers to cater to the needs of consumers with a hectic schedule. Expanding demand from the filtered water, tea, and carbonated soda pop markets is further increasing the demand for advanced packaging. Among all the above mentioned packaging types, BOPP films is the type of packaging that is used largely in the food and beverages industry owing to its healthy characteristics and inexpensive cost structure.

Use of BOPP films to rise in the packaging of tobacco in the coming years

The growing demand for cigarettes and other tobacco products is the essential growth driver for this market. An ascent in the quantity of female smokers is another core factor that has been impacting the growth of the global tobacco packaging market. Owing to the increased spending capacity and social autonomy, women have become a potential and rising target group for some organizations. Numerous cigarette producing organizations have created specialty brands engaging ladies. Nonetheless, the developing familiarity with death and disease because of tobacco utilization and stringent directives forced by governments across the globe is limiting the development of this market. The most preferred packaging used to package tobacco is paper box packaging. However, the trend of using BOPP films as they are safe and cost effective has been increasing rapidly in this sector, thus pushing tobacco packaging to the second place among the end users of BOPP films for packaging.

A new report on BOPP films for packaging delivers in-depth understanding on the consecutive growth path of the market along with the future scenarios and present situation of the market. The report offers an exclusive analysis of the global market and also presents insights on regional and other important segments.

BOPP Films for Packaging Market: Overview

The report offers a summary of the global market including an official abstract that draws out the core instances progressing in the market. It also discusses on a couple of facets such as drivers, obstacles, and predictions that have been found in the global market. It also acquaints readers with figures related to volume, value, and development rate of the market from a growth point of view. With respect to the market segmentation, each segment has been thoroughly analyzed and presented in the report. The report also gives an assessment in light of the market condition, and moreover presents a value chain analysis of the products and applications in concern. A year to year evolution of the market has likewise been offered in the report for the reader to be predominantly aware of the altering scenario of the market.

BOPP Films for Packaging Market: Segmentation

Packaging Type

  • Wraps
  • Bags and Pouches
  • Tapes
  • Labels
  • Printing and Lamination


  • Below 15 micron
  • 15 to 30 micron
  • 30 to 45 micron
  • Above 45 micron

End Use

  • Food
    • Meat
    • Fresh Produce
    • Confectionery
    • Coffee & Tea
    • Other foods (chips, biscuits, & cereals)
  • Beverage
  • Personal Care & Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Tobacco Packaging
  • Electrical & Electronics
  • Industrial


  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • The Middle East and Africa

BOPP Films for Packaging Market: Research Methodology

The report is the end result of the cautious research work of the market analysts employing reliable sources. The information introduced has been studied carefully by our analysts. The data that has been presented here has been assembled from various tried and tested sources. The figures have also been checked by the analysts and can be used to settle on key decisions and to formulate strategies.

BOPP Films for Packaging Market: Competitive Landscape

The market study conveys an overview of the overall scenario of the global BOPP films for packaging market. It features the competition prevalent among the present vendors in the market and also puts weight on the future circumstance of the market. The profile of the players is based on a SWOT examination sought down by company angle, product portfolio, strategies, finance related information, and year-to-year projections. The organizations have been explored minutely covering their key developments, innovations as well as mergers and acquisitions and agreements with other prominent establishments. The Porter’s Five Forces analysis has also been taken into account for research purposes in this report.

Why should you invest in our reports_bk_01_01_2020?

The reports_bk_01_01_2020 drafted by our industry analysts are credible and have been researched and validated from several primary and secondary resources. What makes us unique is the fact that along with presenting an analysis of the market’s historical and present scenario, we also present a forecast review of the market for the benefit of our readers. The presentation is exclusive in the form of various charts, tables, and diagrams. Every bit of information present in the market research report is unique. Expert estimations are also present in the study that can be directly used by the readers to make future decisions.

Companies covered in Bopp Films Packaging Market Report

Company Profiles

  • Uflex Ltd.
  • Cosmo Films Ltd.
  • Ampacet Corporation
  • Polyplex Corporation Ltd.
  • Toray Plastics (America), Inc.
  • Manucor S.p.A.
  • SRF Limited
  • Innovia Films Limited
  • Mitsui Chemicals Tohcello, Inc.
  • LC Packaging International BV
  • Futamura Chemical Co. Ltd.
  • National Industrialization Company
  • Jindal Poly Films Limited
  • Chiripal Poly Films Ltd.
  • Others.

Bopp Films Packaging Market

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