Water treatment and Mining to be the torchbearers for Calcium Peroxide Market

Published On : Jun 08, 2021

According to Persistence Market Research, the global calcium peroxide market will witness a CAGR of over 4% between 2021 and 2031.

It is a known fact that calcium peroxide acts as a predecessor as far as production of hydrogen peroxide is concerned. As hydrogen peroxide is witnessing an exponential rise in demand in the form of whitening agent and oral care, the calcium peroxide market is also bound to expand by leaps and bounds.

The vital role played by calcium peroxide as dough conditioner in making cakes and bread is something catalysing the calcium peroxide market. Another application area is that of water treatment. Quest for fulfilling the demand for water across the globe (amidst water scarcity) is also boosting the calcium peroxide market. Plus, prevention of water-borne diseases is on the anvil. The textile industry is another vertical contributing to the growth of calcium peroxide market, as the “bleaching agent” again comes into picture.

Coming to mineral extraction, amount of calcium peroxide used may vary between 0.1 and 5 Kg/metric ton based on whether ore is abreast with gold and silver or silver, or gold and the other precious metals. Process economics and pH determine the addition of calcium peroxide. These days, cyanidation process is being used for extraction of gold, which implies leaching gold ores by using dilute cyanide solutions in presence of oxygen and lime. Calcium peroxide helps in increasing overall concentration of oxygen at the time of leaching, thereby promoting deeper leaching through direct oxidation.

Calcium Peroxide Market Categorization

By grade, the global calcium peroxide market spans technical grade and food grade. Application-wise, it’s oxidising agent, chemical intermediates, conditioning agent, agrochemicals, chemicals, food, cosmetics & personal care, seed disinfectant, dough conditioner, and bleaching agent. By end-user, it’s pharmaceuticals, mining, agriculture, food & beverages, pulp and paper, and others.


The Asia-Pacific holds the largest market share due to China holding the baton of growth. Close to 13,100 new-fangled bakery products have hit the market of China. This factor is bound to bolster the calcium peroxide market due to the ever-increasing consumption of calcium peroxide herein. Coming to MEA, South Africa is the major producer of gold, which calls for demand for calcium peroxide over here. North America and Europe are stable in this regard as of now, but expected to grow with increase in demand for hydrogen peroxide. Mexico and Canada would show an increase in demand for calcium peroxide with growth in mining activities.

Also, regarding the Asia-Pacific, it needs to be noted that bleaching agents play the major role in the pre-sowing treatments regarding rice. This is another factor expected to hold the hopes high for the countries like India and China.

The Competitors

The key players in the calcium peroxide market include Dow Chemicals, Solvay SA, Chang Chun Petrochemical Co., Ltd., Arkema Group, BASF SE, Evonik Degussa GmbH, Guangdong Zhongcheng Chemicals Inc., Nippon Co., Ltd., and Misubishi Gas Chemicals Co., Ltd. On the developments’ front, Dow Chemical and BASF SE have entered into collaboration for developing HPPD technology that makes use of hydrogen peroxide to produce propylene oxide. Likewise, the other companies are also into various modes of inorganic growth to strengthen the foothold.

Calcium Peroxide Market

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