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PMR for business developers

For Business Development

Business development is all about building and retaininglong-term external and internal relationships to be able to not just grow, but grow sustainably. Right from developing products and services and creating effective marketing strategies togenerating sales leads and negotiating and closing deals – business development covers a host of functions involving marketing, sales, and strategic analysis.

For Business Leaders

Good leadership enables seamless interaction of various business aspects, such as labor, land, capital, and entrepreneurship. Successful business leaders understand their customers, markets, and competitors and possess the insight to improve their performance, maximize their engagements, and forge ahead.

PMR for investors

For Channels

Deciding upon a channel is as cumbersome as it is expensive and companies need to be mindful of the customers’ requirements and their own expertise and resources before choosing the most effective channel.

PMR for channels

For Investors

People looking to invest time, efforts, capital, and other resources in any business need to have access to data pertaining to a number of aspects, such as customer dynamics, disruptive technologies, new business models, competitive intensity, industry convergence, micro and macro trends, and emerging markets.

PMR for product developers and innovators

For Marketers

Marketing lies at the heart of business success and the right combination of advertising, promotions, public relations, and sales determines whether a product or service will survive and thrive in the market.

PMR for supply chain leaders and sourcing professionals

For Product Innovators and Developers

While the strength of some companies lies in innovative concepts, others are more efficient in commercializing product ideas. Product innovation and development both require a combination of inspiration, creativity, scientific analysis, and proper execution.

PMR for marketers

For Supply Chain Leaders and Sourcing Professionals

Amidst the demand fluctuations and risks of the world economy today, the role of supply chain leaders and sourcing professionals in strengthening the company is to design as well as execute profitable, resilient, and agile strategies.

PMR for technical professionals

For Technical Professionals

Having access to advanced business technologies is not sufficient in today’s data-driven and digital world. Knowing where, how, and when to use these technologies is just as crucial.

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