Guerbet Alcohol Market Valuation to Touch US$ 1.5 Bn by 2030; High Usage in Personal Care Products Surging Demand Due to Covid-19 Pandemic

Published On : Apr 21, 2020

Guerbet alcohols are used as cosmetics ingredients to provide multifunctional properties. They act as a super fattening agent, emulsion stabilizer, perfuming agent, viscosity increasing agent, and binder. Also, due to their hydrocarbon branching, guerbet alcohols exhibit relatively good oxygen permeability, which is an essential property for skin applicants and used to make cosmetics emollients. Moreover, OSHA defines these alcohols to be non-hazardous substances, i.e. they are relatively safer alternatives to some other conventionally used ingredients for cosmetics products.

The guerbet alcohol market recorded a volume of 121,355 tons in 2020, and the market is expected to exhibit a CAGR of 4 % during the forecast period (2020-2030).

Key Takeaways of Guerbet Alcohol Market Study

  • The characteristics exhibited by guerbet alcohols render it to be ideal for use in several novel beauty and personal care products. As such, its use in a wide range of end uses are expected to propel its demand over the forecast period.
  • Guerbet alcohol is used as an ingredient in the manufacturing of inks, paints, agriculture products, enhanced oil recovery, and metal working lubricants. These uses are further driving the growth of the global guerbet alcohol market.
  • By region, East Asia is projected to be one of the most lucrative and prominent regions in the global guerbet alcohol market during the forecast period, owing to substantial growth of various industries such as automotive and construction.
  • Guerbet alcohol is also used as a wetting agent and emulsifier, and as an antistatic in spin finishes in textile industries. It is also used as component for minimum quality lubrication, and as a lubricating component of rolling and stamping oils in metal processing.

“Guerbet alcohol functions as a comparatively less toxic ingredient in the formulation of cosmetic products. Rising disposable income is allowing people to invest more in cosmetics and personal care products, which is aiding market growth,” says a PMR analyst.

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Guerbet Alcohol Market: Vendors Insight

Top 7 key market players are estimated to acquire around three-fourth share in the global guerbet alcohol market. Key market participants identified across the value chain are BASF SE, Sasol Ltd, New Japan Chemical Co., Ltd, Kao Corporation, Kisco Ltd., Kokyu Alcohol Kogyo Co., Ltd, DowPol Corporation, Jarchem Industries, and EMCO DYESTUFF P.LTD.

Higher Prices Associated with Guerbet Alcohols and their Derivatives

Guerbet alcohols tend to be more expensive than other aliphatic alcohols, due to the comprehensive conversion during the dimerization process of an alcohol. The production process associated with these high purity guerbet alcohols is a multi-step process, comprising oxidation of alcohol to aldehyde, followed by aldol condensation of the aldehyde thus obtained, dehydration of the aldol product, and subsequent hydrogenation and reduction.

Prices of certain guerbet alcohols tend to be significantly higher; almost twice the price of traditionally used alternatives and conventional fatty alcohols. Thus, relatively higher prices of guerbet alcohols are expected to act as an impediment to the growth of the global guerbet alcohol market.

Impact of COVID-19 on Guerbet Alcohol Market

The guerbet alcohol market will witness both, a positive and negative effect of the Covid-19 pandemic. On the positive front, on the back of increasing awareness among consumers regarding personal hygiene, the sales of sanitizers and other personal care products are witnessing an upsurge. However, negative factors such as supply chain disruptions, shortage of workforce, and halted productions in major markets will pose a challenge to market growth. While the demand from the cosmetic industry is allowing players to stay afloat, for the time being, uncertainty prevails over the long-term effects, as the pandemic shows no signs of slowing down.

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The recently published research report on the global guerbet alcohol market and competitive products market by Persistence Market Research, contains key insights of the market, offering all-inclusive information such as production-consumption, supply-demand, historical consumption data from 2015-2019, and forecast statistics for 2020-2030. Along with this, the regulatory scenario and parent market outlook is also included in the guerbet alcohol market study. The report contains key aspects on the global guerbet alcohol market based on product type (2-butyloctanol, 2-hexyldecanol, 2-octyldodeconal, 2-decytetradecanol, 2-dodecyylhexadecanol, and others) and application (cosmetics & personal care, metal processing, detergents & cleaners, and others), across seven major regions - North America, Latin America, Europe, East Asia, South Asia, Oceania, and MEA.

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Guerbet Alcohols Market

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